Descent Into Darkness

Descent Into Darkness

dark and twisted, tangled mood

blackness seeps, creeps,

comes on slowly

left to stew

like blood-soaked gauze over an open wound

sanguine humor of shadow and fog

shades the light

shrouds the rod

divining vein deep within

seeks to hide and disguise

empty smiles and tired eyes

through the crevice

and cellar door

sinking further toward the core

a swirling, twirling, vacillating vortex,

static, erratic, distorted digits reaching deeper still

where knotted roots explore

and vital forces play

a duel of sorts

whether life or death will stay

a quiet place, dark and gloomy

holds that special space

its numbing vacuum insulates

the fragile heart embalmed

~ C.M. Crowley

Published by C. M. Crowley

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