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Hi, my name is C, otherwise known as thehappymeerkat, or just Meerkat if you like :). 


So, for those that don't follow my blog (...yet) I'm female and live in Kent in the UK.  My blog is mainly focused around book reviews because that's how I started my whole online life - reviewing.  I'd been reviewing on amazon for quite some time after suffering a horrible traumatic event and because I suffer from depression, anxiety and OCD, it was a great way to focus my mind on something positive, rather than thinking about everything that had happened.


After some time I decided to copy all my reviews and create my own website.  I had no idea how to actually blog when I started, as evidenced by the lack of tags in my first posts, but the more I did it the more I learned and one day I suddenly had people liking my posts (both surprising and amazing at the same time). 


Reviewing and blogging has been amazing for me.  I had zero confidence in my own writing abilities when I started (I guess my school teachers can be blamed for that) but for every lovely comment,  'helpful vote', 'like' or 'follow', I've grown confident in my own work.  My confidence has grown enough that I've now started posting regular poetry on my blog as well as a few deeper discussion posts. 


I never take for granted all the positivity I've received since I've started reviewing and blogging and I hope you will enjoy reading my work as much as I enjoy writing it.  Feel free to comment on all my posts, I welcome discussion and feedback whether good or bad.


To read even more about who I am and to read some of my reviews, poetry, or to contact me directly please visit my blog: https://happymeerkatreviews.wordpress.com/


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