Poetry: An Apology...

Poetry: An Apology...

Aug 2, 2016, 12:57:43 AM Creative

An Apology...

I’m sorry for the way I’ve acted,

I’m sorry for all I have done.

I’m sorry for always being against,

For never wanted to have fun.

I’m sorry for saying you don’t matter,

I’m sorry for all the bad speech.

I’m sorry I couldn’t say nice things,

Words, rather, burned like bleach.

I’m sorry for all of the lies,

I’m sorry for my twisted mind.

I’m sorry I said hatful things to you,

Instead of being kind.

I’m sorry for hating and not loving,

I’m sorry it’s taken this long.

I’m sorry I didn’t realise,

That I can be good and strong.

So please accept and forgive me,

I will change from this very day.

I’ll learn to love and not hate you,

This to you, my reflection, I say.


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