Poetry: To Hear the Silence

Poetry: To Hear the Silence

Sep 21, 2016, 2:41:41 AM Creative

Don’t want to listen, don’t want to hear,

Don’t want the silence to return.

Drown out the sound, put on the music,

No longer want to feel it burn.

Play it loud, louder than ever,

Can’t stand to hear the quiet.

Scream, shout, anything will do,

Snuff out the sound of this riot.

Take it away, don’t make me hear,

Can’t cope with all the pain.

Bring a sound, supress the nothing,

The thoughts will drive me insane.

Need them to leave, to go away,

Need to do something, to try.

Let myself hear, the empty, the hole,

Won’t manage it, let myself die.


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