Poetry: Why Did You Blank Me?

Poetry: Why Did You Blank Me?

Jun 21, 2016, 1:13:52 AM Creative

I wrote this poetry after losing a friend.  Please visit the original blog post for more on this (link below):


Why Did You Blank Me?


We clicked just like that,

Right from the start.

We’d be friends for a lifetime,

I felt it in my heart.

We shared so much,

Spent hours at a time.

You trusted me with your secrets,

And I you with mine.

Our bond was so strong,

I was sure it would last.

We felt we’d known each other,

From a life past.

But I was an idiot,

Too blinded to see.

You just wanted to take,

To use me.

I gave you my time,

My heart and my soul.

I wanted to help,

But that wasn’t my role.

You took what you wanted,

And then you left,

Never looking back,

My soul bereft.

I disappeared from your life,

Like I was never there.

I try to speak,

But you never care.

My words are nothing,

You never reply.

You couldn’t even,

Say goodbye.

You took so much,

More than you know.

It wasn’t just my time,

That I let go.

I gave a part of myself,

A part you won’t return.

Because of that bridge,

You watch burn.

So here I am empty,

And you will never see

The space in my heart

Where you used to be.

I was nothing to you,

No more than a tool,

Now you’ve used me,

I die a fool.


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