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I don't have a litany of impressive titles to my name. However, the only title I have worth mentioning is "Christian." Besides that, I am a thirty something human being who happens to be stuck in a Boho state of mind. You see, I love traveling. There's nothing like setting foot on a place you've never been before.  Yet God saw it better for me to live a more grounded lifestyle being a stay-at-home wife and mother to two vivacious creatures. My desire to travel is taking the backseat for now. Even though my flesh is kicking and screaming, I'd rather be in His will than forcibly chart my own course. It is not without its joys and depressions, but such is this thing called life.

I grew up in the melting pot of the world, New York City, but have since moved to greener pastures in the most literal sense of the word (where the cows graze less than a mile away), to a quiet little suburb located in Central Florida.

I write about whatever presses on my soul particularly issues concerning my Christian faith, current events, and the mundane.

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