GOOD FOR HER: Gigi Hadid Reacts In Totally Appropriate Way When Random Man Tries To Lift Her In The Street

These days, with such easy access to our favorite celebrities on Social Media sites like Twitter and Instagram, fans feel like they can be closer than ever before with the likes of Harry Styles or Justin Bieber. While it has brought lots of good to celebrities and fans alike, there has been quite a bit of backlash, these past few months especially. Most recently, Justin Bieber deleting his Instagram due to overwhelming hate from fans on his girlfriend at the time. Fans feel like, now that they can express their opinions directly to someone they love (or hate as it seems), they make sure to not only tweet and post about it; they message, spam, and harass anyone in relation to said celebrity. 

This would make anyone want to delete their accounts so I don't even blame those who have.

With this feeling of closeness to celebrities, fans have begun to think that their favorite star owes them their time: following them into store and restaurants, knocking on their doors at odd hours of the day, and mobbing them at airports. Most there only to snap a selfie with an annoyed celebrity and claim they "met so and so today OMG!"


Haters have also taken to going after celebrities that just push their buttons (or happen to be dating their favorite star; as you do I guess). They shout nasty things to the person trying to innocently get to their car, or physically attack others trying to have a good time with their friends. It is understood that stepping into the spotlight takes away a lot of the privacy most of us take for granted these days, but that in no way means you can accost someone, no matter how well know, who isn't even doing anything to you. 

Today, though, things took an ugly turn when model Gigi Hadid was leaving the Fendi Fashion Show in Milan, Italy. She was innocently going from the door to her car when a man, now identified as celeb prankster Vitalii Sediuk, came from behind and LIFTED Gigi clear off her feet. As seen in the above photo, she is not pleased, so I would hardly call this a "prank".


Gigi Hadid and sister Bella Hadid behind-the-scenes at the Fendi Show #MFW

Gigi has been taking self defense classes to stay in shape, which came quite in handy today. With her quick thinking, Hadid can be seen giving a sharp elbow jab to the man's face, sending him packing in a matter of seconds! Way to go Gigi! 

After the incident, the internet blew up (of course), and fans were quick to and defend Hadid from haters and critics alike. They have been showing immense support for the model, who has risen quite quickly to the top of the fashion world at only 21 years old. The fan-base, called GiForce, are super protective of Gigi, quick to defend her against any criticism. 

Unsurprisingly to any lady celebrity, or any woman really, criticism is exactly what Gigi got. One article blamed her for the whole thing, claiming she attacked a poor fan who was just trying to get closer to her. Fans of boyfriend Zayn Malik were quick to fire shots at her, trying to bring her relationship into the fiasco, saying they wish she had done that when he was being mobbed leaving as fashion show only a week or so ago. Others who don't believe in the authenticity of their relationship had something to say as well, calling it a "publicity stunt" to further prove their relationship is legitimate.

Look guys, regardless of your personal beliefs, Gigi is still a person and a woman who was harassed on the street by a man. We should be standing up for her, not tearing her down and turning what happened to her into some ammunition to use in a battle of the ships. As women, we need to stand together and defend each other. If the media won't do it, who will?

On a side note: Where were her guards? Why weren't they right there behind her? It was Gigi and her sister that took that guy out. They need to beef up her security. 

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Published by Caitlyn Booth


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