My Favorite Songs to Workout To

My Favorite Songs to Workout To

Sep 18, 2016, 8:04:18 PM Life and Styles

Those of us who have to trick ourselves into working out every day depend on two things in the gym: earbuds and a full battery! 

Music is one of the best motivators known to man. It is proven that distracting our brain from tasks we don't like makes it easier to get it done. Hate cleaning? Turn up the radio and jam out to your favorite songs. Have to write a blog post that seems to be taking forever to complete? open up Spotify and press play.

For those who are ready to work out and want music suggestions (hey, you can never have too many songs on your playlist!) I have compiled a list of my absolute favorite songs to workout to. 

So lets go SWEAT!


Back From the Dead by Skillet

Literally every time I hear this song, I can't help but get up an jam out- no matter how tired I may be. So when I'm working out in my living room, and I'm looking for a song to get my heart rate up for my warm-up, this is the first song I play. 

Nothing better than the rocky tunes of Skillet!


Salute by Little Mix

Nothing motivates me like a song about powerful women. Plus, the dance routine for this song (which I discovered on YouTube) is freaking great for breaking a sweat. You can't help bu move and groove to this song. The song is also insanely catchy, which allows you to blast through those nasty leg workouts like it's no problem! 

Also recommended from Little Mix: Move, Competition, Grown, and Hair ft Sean Paul


Side to Side by Ariana Grande

Considering the music video for this song is Ari working out in the GYM...this one is sort of an obvious choice. 

Also recommended from Ariana Grande: Into You and Problem


Scream by Usher

This song is my absolute favorite to listen when I'm stuck on the treadmill. The music behind the words is incredibly motivating, making me WANT to run for the three plus minutes the song plays. Honestly, if you DON'T have this on a workout playlist somewhere, you're missing out.


Enemies by Shinedown

This song is being use as the theme song for the WWE flagship show RAW for a good reason people! Instantly pumping you up for anything you might be doing, and catchy as anything, I literally blast this when I need to get some serious sweat going; whether at the gym or when cleaning my house.


Undefeated by Skillet

You might as well make half of your playlist Skillet songs because they really know how to making rocking workout songs! With inspiring lyrics and music that gets your grooving the instant it comes on, playing this when doing some mad cardio or kickboxing is seriously recommended. Plus it makes working out suddenly really cool*.

*I wanted to write a different descriptor, but decided to refrain from swearing

Also recommended from Skillet: Feel Invincible, Monster, Rise, Awake and Alive, and Not Gonna Die


Phenomenal by Eminem

Known by most from being that boxing movie SouthPaw, this song is great for serious weight lifting or intense boxing/kickboxing training sessions. I personally love just strutting around my room to this song, but to each their own I suppose!


Activated by Cher Lloyd

Another song for a tough boxing session. Also, since it's very chilled out, it makes an excellent cool down song after a tough workout.


Shady by Adam Lambert

This is on my cardio/dance playlist on Spotify with great reason. That bopping chorus has you dancing along without much choice. Since the song is SO DARN CATCHY, you won't be able to help mouthing the words as you pump out the sweat during this dance club track! 

Also recommended from Adam Lambert: Pop That Lock, If I Had You, and Sure Fire Winners


I hope you all enjoyed these songs as much as I do. Having a rocking playlist makes the workouts and mundane chores fly by, that's for sure.

If you'd like to hear more from my Workout- Dance/Cardio playlist, you can follow me on Spotify. 

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