5 Beard Products Every Beardsman Should Have In His Grooming Kit

OK, so you've grown a classic, regal looking beard that you've always dreamed of. You might have even paired it with an amazing-looking moustache. Every woman wants to get close to you and the men are impressed (or envious).

Life is good but how long will the life go like this, most probably, till the time you take care of your great-beard. Therefore, maintaining your glorious look through proper beard grooming is equally vital. It is just like buying a car. Once you buy it, you cannot neglect it, otherwise, it will turn out into a trash container. So, don’t neglect your beard. Once it has grown, you should take proper care of it.

Here are the 5 essential beard products that should be in your grooming kit to keep beard healthy and well-maintained:

1. Beard Shaping Tool

While growing a healthy beard is a difficult process, shaping is not a cakewalk either. A classic beard shaper for better beard alignment is the most important accessory that you should pick up. With the help of this tool, you can shape your beard within a few minutes. It cuts off those unruly strands and lets you achieve perfect cheek lines with ease. Beard shaping tools are easy to use and have amazing results.

2. Beard Oil

When you clean your face and beard regularly, it removes the natural oils underneath your skin, leaving it dry, itchy and dehydrated. This can result in dreaded dandruff. A good quality beard oil hydrates your skin and provides it much-needed moisturization and nourishment. The oiling of the beard is also effective on unruly, stiff strands of hair. Just a small amount of oil will give all the smoothness and softness that you will appreciate.

3. Beard and Moustache Wax

You may have found many times that your untamed beard is not growing in a particular direction of growth. There are a variety of wax products available in the market and you should choose the one that is suitable for you. Beard and moustache wax keeps the wild hair controlled and do not let them get into the mouth. These are used to style and keep your beard and moustache in shape.

4. Beard Brush and Comb

Like washing and oiling, brushing and combing are equally important to maintain your beard. Don’t use a hairbrush or cheap plastic comb to style your beard. Use only natural beard brush for this. These are specially designed for beard and moustache combing and offer the right kind of stiffness to glide through your beard hair. They evenly spread the oil throughout the beard, clear the unruly strands and leave you with the soft and manageable look.

5. Safety Razor

Whether you are just getting started to maintaining a beard or are fully-bearded, a safety razor must be in your arsenal of beard grooming products.  It comes in quite handy in shaping the edges of the cheek lines and neck or for touch-ups. These days so many advanced safety razors are available in the market. These are lightweight and even give a cleaner cut with a very few strokes.

If you are committed to maintaining your beard, you should have these beard products in your grooming kit.

Published by Calida Jenkins


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