5 Things to Consider When Self-Publishing Your Book

5 Things to Consider When Self-Publishing Your Book

May 18, 2018, 2:33:28 PM Life and Styles

People generally think that writing and editing are the only things that are required while self-publishing a book. However, self-publishing a book includes several other things like designing and formatting. Designing does not mean just creating a relevant and eye-catching book cover, but also incorporates typography, page layout, and more. Additionally, requirements for formatting can become more complex and confusing, depending on the publisher you choose.

Here are the 5 things you should consider when self-publishing a book:

1. Choose Your Book Format

Books can come in two formats: print and e-book. It is imperative to make all the decisions on the type of format you are choosing. Print formats further come in hardcover or paperback, in several different sizes. If your book is fiction-based, it will probably be published as the mass-market book. Mass market books are the most common format for fiction. There is only one stand size of mass market books. Whereas trade backs are top quality paperbacks. All nonfiction books are generally trade paperbacks. If you want to self-publish an e-book, you should give more emphasis to file types than quality. EPUB, PDF, MOBI is a few file types for publishing a book in e-format.

2. Knowledge of Basics

It is advised to do your homework before publishing a book. If you want to sell your books, you must obtain an ISBN. It is a 13-digit number, which is used globally as a unique identifier for books. Authors who want to self-publish their book can purchase an ISBN through their self-publishing company or head of ISBN.org. It will help you sustain publishing rights of your book in the future. The price of ISBN in Isbn.org may cost around $125. 

3. Plan your Budget

Publishing a book can cost you high. For instance, you may have to give about $5 to $20 per printed book. However, an e-book has minimal fees. It is sensible to decide on a publishing platform that provides a print-on-demand option, which allows you order books as required instead of giving money for a bulk order. Otherwise, you will end up purchasing so many copies and getting stuck with the piles of unsold books. Also, you will have to pay for editing and graphic design cost that may fall around $4,000 to $8,000. If you don’t spend money on the quality of the book or if your book is visually unappealing, it will directly affect your credibility.

4. Find Out the Distribution Channel

You should know how and where you want to distribute your books. Usually, first- time authors choose online-only sales or standard distribution. There are multitude of organizations that offer cheaper and simpler option to distribute your books. You may a number of distribution channels that offer a type of distribution which will give more attention to your books. Large distributors can also list your book which will make it simple for libraries, brick and mortar bookstores, and other retailers to get the copies of your book.

5. Marketing and Publicity

Marketing is closely related to distribution. If you do not plan ahead and arrange money, your sales experience will not be that good. You need to understand the need for marketing and make a concrete plan for garnering publicity. You can list your book on Amazon's or Barnes & Noble's website or create a website dedicated completely to your books and use social media channels.

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