6 Most Popular Types of LED Lights

6 Most Popular Types of LED Lights

Jan 7, 2018, 2:24:47 AM Life and Styles

LED lights today has become one of the most preferred choices not only for the domestic but also for the commercial usage. The various advantages that it carries have made the LEDs very demanding in a very short span of time. There are many different types of LED lights available in the market.

Let us learn more about the six most popular types of LED Lights:

1. LED strips

There is a great demand for the strips during festive seasons like marriages, parties, and Deepavali in India. It is used to decorate homes, offices, and other commercial premises. The negative thing about it is the consumption of more energy resulting into the good increase in the monthly electricity bill. But with the introduction of energy–efficient LED strips, the end consumers have felt relaxed.

LED strips are made using high power LEDs fixed on flexible and thin circuit board with the coating. It is available in different length and consumes lower energy in comparison to the other conventional lighting strips.  

2. LED spots   

To fulfil the various lighting need of customers, LED spots are made available in different size. It is the right choice for the users looking for longer life and more illumination. LED spots are the prime choice of the businessmen running showrooms. It can be used to spot the best-selling products and items to grab the attention of buyers resulting in an increased sale. Their are various types of  LED spotlights are available in the market. The high-quality Philips LED spots are the best lighting solution for home and commercial use.  You can check online and purchase LED spots as per your requirement.

3. LED candle bulbs

We all love the cool and dim light emitted by the candles but the problem is it last for short time only. The LED candle bulbs are a good replacement for the wax candles and are very popular among the customers for the domestic usage. LED candle bulbs can be used to decorate your drawing rooms, temple room, bedroom, and other areas in your apartment. It is available in varied colours, shape and size.

4. LED globe bulbs

For the individuals who do not like LED candle bulbs, LED-G (Globe) bulbs are the best choice. These bulbs consume very low power and reduce your electric cost. You can use the LED globe bulbs for lanterns, chandeliers, ceiling fans, and bathroom strip lighting.   

5. LED tubes

Easy to install, LED tubes are shorter and slimmer in comparison to the traditional tube lights. It produces less heat. It can be used at home, offices, big halls, conference rooms, and in other areas. The good thing about LED tubes is that it does not radiate UV rays of any type. Moreover, it is environment-friendly and has a longer lifespan.  

6. LED panel light

Another popular type of LEDs is LED panel light and is high-grade lighting lamps for indoors. Available in different power capacities like 12W, 18W, 21W, 36W, 48W, 72W, and 85W, it has good appearance and simple design. It offers eye-catching illumination and is made using aluminium alloy. LED panel lights are easy to install and can brighten your home for more than 49,000 hours.

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