6 ways to improve your chances of winning the lottery

6 ways to improve your chances of winning the lottery

Nov 15, 2018, 8:43:10 PM Entertainment

If there is something that can change your life overnight and take your up from rage to richest, it's the only lottery. However, with all the consequent efforts, most of the times it seems impossible to win. That's where we have come up with this article to help you improve your chances of winning the lottery ticket. 

If you are someone regularly buy lottery tickets through National Lottery UK and unable to win that whopping life-changing amount, we suggest you go through these proven tips by existing champions who have a full control on their fate. 

1. Buy extra tickets

This may not sound creative but it can surely boost your chances of winning the lottery. But there are some money minded and so-called right-thinking people who never consider buying more than one ticket. Since the cost puts an extra pressure on their pocket, they avoid emptying their wallet, but when you have extra tickets with you, you can expect a win in next attempt.

2. Choose your number

You might have heard debating a lot of people between choosing the computer generated numbers and lucky numbers. Since lucky numbers are your preferred numbers, you will put your heart and soul in the game and this is where the game comes into your favor. Your positivity makes you the winner. Along with that, consistency always plays a vital role, so never give up.

3. Play in popular games

There are many dedicated lotto players who avoid the big popular games such as Mega Millions, and Powerball draws. Instead, they always remain stuck to the ordinary/unpopular games with low jackpots during the least popular times which always diminishes the chances of their win. So try your luck in popular jackpots, maybe it can change the game, who knows. 

4. Choose high numbers

Though this tip will not improve your odds of winning the lottery ticket in UK, but if experts likely to be believed, it helps you to less likely to split the big draw. Theories say that people are more intended to picking the numbers between 1-31 most commonly which is largely over the preferences of their favorite days in lives such as birthday, anniversary etc.

5. Never fall for consecutive numbers

Lotto experts say and studies also show that more than 70% of the lotto jackpot draws fall within that number spread. So it won't be a good idea to go for consecutive numbers anymore, also avoid picking multiple numbers from the same groups often such as 21, 25, 28 etc...

6. Avoid playing in patterns

The last priceless tip goes like, if you like filling in your number card with an X, with the octagonal or other line patterns, odds are somewhat other lotto players do too. Such as picking up the low numbers, this helps to improve your chances of splitting a game-winning draw. 

So next time you go play the lottery, keep these tips in mind. 

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