Broadsheets SA: A Repository of Spectacular, Limited-Time Deals from Tons of Retailers in South Africa

Broadsheets SA: A Repository of Spectacular, Limited-Time Deals from Tons of Retailers in South Africa

Dec 21, 2018, 10:37:53 PM Business

Are you a South African citizen looking for the best deals in your local retailers? Broadsheets SA could very well have all you need, considering the plethora of retailers and their respective deals being offered on a daily basis in the said app. It is teeming with variety, which is all the more complemented by how easy it is to land the right deals and discounts that you want. 

For one, you are immediately allowed to browse through random retailers once you have started the app. You only need to swipe left or right to do this. However, the app also incorporated a convenient way to look for the specific retailer or brand that you want to buy from. For instance, you can either head over to the retailer’ tab and go through the entire list of retailers that the app is partnered with or look for nearby malls that offer discounts.

Otherwise, you can rely on the more familiar categories’ tab so they’ll be arranged according to the items that you specifically need. Take note that the app directly links you to the retailer’s website or own dedicated app (there are buttons above the brand’s icon that serve this particular purpose). You can either learn more about the given deal there either by browsing through its site or downloading and installing its app. You can do all of these with only a few taps for every retailer currently offering the said discounts. You can even send a message directly to the retailer within Broadsheets SA. 

You will also notice that there is a Favorite and Share button below each retailer. Their functions are pretty much a given. The Favorite button lets you add the retailer to a dedicated list of retailers that you love to buy from so you won’t have to browse for them every time you use the app. You can go to the My Favorites portion of the main menu to see the said list. 



The app’s focus on and coverage of practically a lot of well-known South African brans is certainly what makes it such a standout. The sheer amount of money you can save with this truly reliable app is limitless, especially if you’ll consider its expansive scope and the frequency and immediacy with which discounts and deals are being offered in it. Indeed, its overall value lies in its well-designed way it informs users of deals that they would regret missing

Published by Calida Jenkins

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