How to Choose the Right Cosmetology School for a Great Career

How to Choose the Right Cosmetology School for a Great Career

Jan 23, 2019, 5:49:21 PM Life and Styles

With the beauty industry evolving and growing into a field with countless of opportunities and even use of technology, it is important that when looking to make a career out of it, get an exhaustive training. However, it is not easy to choose the right cosmetology program with every cosmetology school purporting to be the best. Therefore, to ensure you are not only gaining valuable training and useful knowledge but also getting your money’s worth, you need to do due research into finding the right cosmetology school to get top notch skills that you will need as a cosmetologist. Here are 6 tips that will make choosing the right beauty school quite a breeze!

1. Reputation

If you know a cosmetologist be sure to ask for advice regarding which school is reputed to the best in terms of offering great training and preparing students for licensing. The cosmetology arena is heavily regulated and hence most cosmetology school track record is bound to speak for itself.

2. Accreditation

As mentioned earlier, cosmetology occupations are heavily regulated and therefore, schools that are not accredited will make their students lose out on many benefits such as federal financial aid, a smooth licensing process, great jobs, quality education and hands-on training. Therefore, it is of utmost important in your journey to become a great professional cosmetologist, to choose an accredited school. For example, Dorsey schools are accredited meaning that their school curriculum exhaustively covers the work needed to pass the state board licensing exam and it  has been approved making the school trusted by employers countrywide and credible as well.

3. Have a Checklist

Just like you would have a checklist of things that make something attractive to you, so you should have one of the cosmetology school whose training plays a vital part of your career in the beauty industry. As such, develop a prioritized checklist that shows your preferences; Is it accredited? Is it easily accessible? Is it heavy on job placement? How does it fare balancing between affordability and hands-on training? Putting must have characteristics on your checklist will help you be decisive in narrowing sown your choices and making the right decision.

4. Narrow Down Choices Using a Pros and Cons List

Having a pros and cons list for several schools that you like or a table charting a comparison of the schools’ performance in various categories will make it easier to narrow down your options without compromising on quality training.

5. Schedule a Tour

Once you have narrowed down your choices, visit the schools before signing up for their training program. Check if they have must have amenities such as an in-house salon facility and evaluate the environment and other factors.

6. Trust your Gut and Make your Choice!

After touring your narrowed down choices, trust your instinct and choose the school that best related to your needs.

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