How to Make Your Bedroom A Sleep Easy Room

How to Make Your Bedroom A Sleep Easy Room

Jan 10, 2019, 5:51:42 AM Life and Styles

There is nothing more relaxing than coming home to a comfortable bed after a long day. We spend a lot of our lives asleep and most of us know what a ‘bad nights sleep’ feels like. Avoid these troubles by making your bedroom a sleep easy room, where you recharge for another long day.


You first need to know in what position you sleep before you can find the perfect pillow. You need to make sure you are keeping your body in a healthy position throughout the night and a good pillow will ensure this.

Sleeping on your side will require a thicker pillow. This is to prevent your neck from being too low, which will cause a stiff neck. You need to match your one shoulder width to the pillow. Not everyone is equal, so find the perfect size pillow for your head-neck ratio.

Sleeping on your back requires a very thin pillow. If you sleep on your back with a thick pillow, you will be raising your neck far too high. Some people who sleep on their backs also like to place another small pillow under their knees or their feet. This helps keep the curvature of your back aligned with the rest of your body. Sleeping on your stomach also requires a thin pillow as you want to keep your neck flat.

Apart from thickness, there are also different shape pillows. The shape of your pillow is based on personal preference and bed size. A larger, king-sized, bed will need a King/lodge pillow for its extra width. Other shapes include square/European pillows, V shape pillows, and full-length body pillows (ideal for the side sleeper).

Bed Size

There are 7 different bed sizes to choose from, including single, king single, double, queen, king, super king, and Californian king. Single beds start at 91cm wide by 188cm long and Californian kings end at 203cm wide by 203cm long.

What size you choose will largely depend on your room size and your current sleeping arrangements – do you sleep with someone, are you just a very tall person, or do you roll around a lot when you sleep? Try out different bed sizes before committing. You want to be comfortable, but you also don’t want to have an unnecessarily big bed that takes up your entire room. Bedpost is a good company to look for beds which you can see their beds section here.


Linens are the final touch in making your bedroom a sleep easy room. The two most important choices are the material type and thread count.

What material you choose will depend on any allergies you might have, any personal preferences, and the climate of your country. Synthetic materials are good at keeping you warm, but they also struggle to breathe – making it difficult to sleep in the warm months. There are 100% natural linens as well as hybrid materials. The temperature of your country will affect this decision and you may even need to buy different sets for the different seasons.

The thread count determines the softness. The more threads, the softer it feels against your skin. Thread counts generally start at 180 and go up to over 400. Linens and More have an excellent range of linens – see their linens section here.

Duvet Fillings

Not only does it matter what your linens feel like on the outside but also what they are filled with on the inside. Down feather is the most popular choice available and there are different degrees available, ranging from very warm 100% down duvets to 50/50 mixes that are more suitable to warmer climates. Other options include pure New Zealand wool, Alpaca wool, and Microfiber. Microfiber is a great option for those with allergies or asthma sufferers and it is very easy to keep clean. Remember, the best choice will be based on your preferences and your climate – otherwise, you might need different duvets for the different seasons.

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