Things to Know Before Going to an Orthodontist

Things to Know Before Going to an Orthodontist

Sep 11, 2018, 3:28:30 PM Life and Styles

Also referred to as an orthodontic specialist or dentofacial orthopedist, an orthodontist is essentially a Pure Cypress dentist who deals with the misalignment of the jaws and the teeth, overbites, occlusions and overcrowded mouth. His or her journey to become a specialist or a surgeon starts at medical school. After completing it he or she has to do two to three years of specialized course on the subject he or she wants to gain prominence in. The job of the orthodontist is to diagnose the irregularity the patient is reporting, suggest or prescribe a way to prevent the same, intercept the problem if it can be done, and last but the most important, to treat dental and facial irregularities. These issues tend to include problems where teeth are crowded or too far apart from one another, teeth that have an abnormal pattern of meeting, or when they do not meet at all, teeth that tend to stick out or any other mismatch related to the jaws.

Orthodontists gain expertise in recognizing and prevention of misalignments of the jaw and teeth. Problems associated with misalignments range from difficulty of maintaining oral hygiene, difficulty of chewing to speech defects. Some of the commonly reported problems are anteroposterior deviations which mean either of the lower jaw being ahead of the upper jaw or vice versa which causes the patient difficulty to articulate words as he or she speaks or to chew food properly; overcrowding which means due to lack of space in the jawbone teeth grow in a haphazard manner instead of being in alignment; and in a few exceptional cases, aesthetic issues where the shape of the face has been distorted due to malocclusion or a bad bite.

Many of the orthodontists Cypress CA start practicing their trade from this point on, but some go for further specialization. So it is safe to say that orthodontists are dentists with double the training specifically in the area of corrective therapy. This kind of treatment is moderately costly. But there are certain things that an orthodontists will not disclose unless asked and one must be pragmatic about these factors. First among them is that the braces being fitted may have been previously used by someone else. The duration of the treatment can last longer than the orthodontist estimates it to be. And last but not the least, the fee that an orthodontist charges is certainly negotiable to a limit. Hence, whenever you are going to an orthodontist there are a host of factors to be mindful of but most importantly you have to remember that it is not a dentist that you are visiting. Orthodontia is a different field of dental care. Dentistry as a medical specialty is broad and it deals with different sections of oral and dental health. Many of us use the term dentist and orthodontist interchangeably but they are more dissimilar than they are similar.

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