10 Ways to Guest Post Effectively

Guest Posting

10 Ways to Guest Post Effectively

Aug 30, 2021, 7:02:15 AM Tech and Science

This strategy can benefit both your business and the blog you’re posting on by increasing traffic to their site, while also boosting your own exposure and reputation as an expert in your field. However, there are plenty of ways to fail when it comes to guest posting, so here are 10 ways to do it effectively instead.

1) Know your audience

Whether you’re writing for a client or creating content for your own site, knowing your audience is essential. The more insight you have into who’s reading what you write, the better equipped you are to create compelling content that connects with your reader. Before starting a guest post campaign, make sure you know who’s accepting guest posts and what kinds of topics they want covered. A little research can go a long way toward ensuring readers click through and keep coming back for more.

2) Be natural

You may want to guest post so that you can have a bigger platform, or because it makes you seem more like an authority in your field. Just make sure that any guest posting you do is natural. Guest posting is a great way for brands and businesses to get their name out there, but only if it doesn’t feel forced or unauthentic.

3) Don't Forget to Link Back!

Don’t be a stranger. Before and after every guest post, do your best to share those links on your social media sites and blogs. That way, you can get more readers interested in your work as well as theirs. It’s common courtesy, really: It just makes sense to let people know what you’re up to and where you appear online, so they can read your stuff too.

4) Be valuable

The best way to secure a guest post is by offering something unique and valuable in return. You could offer your audience information they won’t get anywhere else, or you can create content around a trending topic that hasn’t been covered elsewhere on their site. In either case, make sure that it’s of good quality—this should go without saying, but if your post isn’t useful or interesting, it probably won’t be accepted by your potential host.

5) Create something remarkable

If you’re well-known for your expertise in a certain area, then you’ve already got a lot of social proof going for you (otherwise, see above). But sometimes people have problems that are less about who they are and more about what they want. You can help them out by offering help—be it legal advice, tech support or assistance with any other problems you’re able to solve.

6) Offer help

One of your goals as a guest poster should be to help your reader or target market. It’s not all about what you want, it’s about what they need—so offer some insight into their lives and struggles. Understand their problems and try to solve them with your guest post or ask for feedback. If they don’t know that you could help them, they won’t click on your link or reach out for assistance. Give value before asking for anything in return.

7) Don't ask for favors

People are always asking what type of content their audience prefers. There is no right or wrong answer to that question, but it does bring into question one important thing: knowing your readers and what they want. Before guest posting on someone else’s site, find out their demographics and what kind of content performs well with them. This will put you in a better position for a successful post.

8) How do you feel about re-posts?

When you guest post on someone else’s site, there’s a chance that your content could be re-posted to other sites. Not only can you use that as an opportunity for more exposure—if another popular website features your work, it could lead to more traffic and links back to your site—but it also shows search engines that your content is influential in your industry. You can find out if a publisher is okay with re-posts by looking at their submission guidelines.

9) What is your preferred type of content?

There are several types of content online, including text, images, audio and video. Where you post your articles will impact what type of content you create—for example, your blog or an image-focused social network like Pinterest or Instagram. The more obvious a guest opportunity is for you (i.e., there’s a great match between your expertise and their needs), the less work it will be to write a solid pitch.

10) Are there any types of guest posts you avoid?

Not all guest posts are created equal. Some blogs accept anyone who applies, while others only offer space to a few hand-selected authors. Knowing which type of guest post you’re looking for—and which type you should avoid—can save you a lot of time and effort (or bad reviews) down the road. To find high-quality guest posts, look for opportunities at popular publications that are known for accepting fewer applicants.

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