The Next Level Digital PR – Inbound Marketing

The Next Level Digital PR – Inbound Marketing

Oct 11, 2017, 8:25:31 PM Business

The two solid pillars of any company are marketing and PR. Whether you work for a PR company or any other company that knows the value of PR, you must know term “Inbound Marketing”. However, for them who are new to this term, as the name suggests it is just the opposite of outbound marketing.


Inbound marketing is done to attract potential customers online through blogs and social media. Online content that focuses on useful interaction with their clients, to help them, automatically drives potential customer’s attention towards your product and services. You do not need to struggle for customer’s attention with inbound marketing, unlike outbound marketing.


Inbound marketing is all about providing abundance information about your company, products and services online. It gives way to potential customers, to find your business online. People look for a solution to their problem online rather than a particular company name. A random search on Google by your potential customer about their problem can divert their attention towards your business.


For instance, if you have a problem, you directly type it on Google to find a solution. The top links that you see on the first page of the search engine, you click them to get your solution. If the site is worth and it can resolve your issue, your trust the site and come back to them when you have another problem. The business who owns the site or the blog gets their potential customer, and you get your solution. This is how inbound marketing works.


Five Ws and One H of Inbound Marketing


Inbound marketing can only be successful when done with the proper information. Putting on random content online will not take your business anywhere. A well-researched marketing plan always works better.


Once you understand your customer and their needs you can get better marketing results. Identify your potential customer and their characteristics.


Know the five Ws and one H of your potential clients.


  1. # Who they are?

  2. # Where they are?

  3. # What problems are they facing?

  4. # Why are they facing those problems?

  5. # When is the right time to provide them with the solution?

  6. # How the solution is going to benefit your potential customers?

Once you have all the answers to your client needs, you can deliver keyword rich content to your potential customers. You must be thinking, what is keyword rich content and why is it so essential?


Keywords are the words or phrases most searched on Google and other search engines. Keyword rich web content means placing the top searched words or phrases in your content at the right places. It is essential to put a keyword rich content online because only such content can make it to the first page of Google and other search engines.


*Note: If you are not on the first page of Google, you are not reachable.


Not only had your potential customers, but your existing customers also need your assistance. This will increase their stability. So ask these similar questions to your current customers as well, to fulfil their need.


Basics of inbound marketing


Whether it is your existing customer or a potential client, your content should go smoothly into their understanding. Instead of focusing on sale, focus on your customers need and the way you can educate them about your business, products and services.


Your content should be more of a “two-way” communicative content rather than a “one-way” selling kind of content. Before you post anything online, ask yourself if your content is helpful for the buyer or not.


Just writing good content is not useful; make sure you distribute it properly through the right platforms. So that it reaches the right buyer group.


Remember, your prospect wants to be educated rather than being sold to, with your content bring your reader to the decision making state. When your buyer reaches the decision making state provide them options to contact you with a call to action options like sign up, download and receive.


Whatever you write should be from a buyer's perspective. It makes the buyer think that you are the best person who understands his needs. This is the only way he is going to approach you for your product and services. If you cannot build the trust in your potential buyer that you are going to be his best choice, he will never approach you.


Keep track of insights


Measuring the success of your campaign is as important as creating a good campaign. Regular calculations help you understand what went right and what needs improvement. This can also assist you with all your plans.


Tips to measure your success:


  1. # All the blogs and posts should be monitored for lead generation

  2. # Check insights for social media shares and likes

  3. # Number of pageviews and bounce rate of the site.


Inbound marketing can prove to be your best digital PR strategy if done with proper research and metrics.


Published by Cameron Francis

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