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I refuse to write about myself in the third person.

I'm Candra! I've been writing my blog ( for 9 years now. It's embarrassing, hilarious, and sometimes sad but it's all real, all me and my life. 

I live in Cleveland, OH and I own a shop called Salty not Sweet where I sell all handmade things from around the country. Buzzfeed thought it was cool enough to include in this hipster store article (#12).

I started a spiritual healing journey about two years ago to figure my shit out. I know that sounds hokey but whatever, it works for me.

I have 3 kids that challenge me daily to learn to navigate the letting go process and to realize that we can control nothing. I have 17 & 15 year old girls and a 13 year old transgendered selective mute son. They have also taught me I am good at NOT murdering them.

I have no idea where I'm going but I've learned to not be afraid of the unknown because it always takes you somewhere better than where you were if you let yourself see it. 

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