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I have many different roles. My greatest achievments in life is being a mum to 4 beautiful children whom I homeschool and wife to my amazing supportive husband Sean.  I love people and desire to see all people come to experience success and joy in their lives. I am also Senior Pastor of Covenant Christian Church alongside  my husband and Director of ARK Global Ministries which is a Christian outreach that has a heart to abolish poverty.
I have been on an amazing journey life coaching and Pastoring for over 12 years. I encourage everyone of all faiths and backgrounds to receive life coaching, so please do not hesitate to contact me if you yourself are not Christian as the keys and strategies I teach can be applied by anyone.  My passion in life is to see people living in the fullness of life.
Since learning simple Keys and truths, I have experienced success in my life like never before. My heart is to see others do the same.
I also enjoy Life Coaching for business's to inspire and activate life into Employee's and Management. statistics show that after a life coach comes in and teaches life skills, employee's become better workers with less sick days and have more passion for the job. I love to see business's thrive and people master their emotions rather then their emotions master them.
I have seen people gain financial freedom, success, relationships restored, anxiety disorders gone and so much more through teaching people goals to live and to live a life of passion.

I encourage you to move forward today. 

Be Blessed.
Carol Eddington. xx

INSTAGRAM: @caroleddington

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