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To Be Led!

Oct 12, 2016, 2:39:38 PM Religion
What a crazy week it has been for me. On Saturday while out with Ark witnessing and distributing Gift Cards I suddenly got hit with intense toothache. I left the house perfectly healthy and after returning home I discovered I had a huge ulcer on my gum. I praise God for my health as I can't remember the last time I had a cold, flu, stomach bug or any other illness. However this was intense. I started gargling salt water a few times a day and by Monday it seemed to have cleared up. That was until Tuesday when the toothache returned with vengeance. This morning (which is Wednesday morning) I rang the dentist to make an appointment, which I know can sometimes take a minimum of a week to get in, but thanks to the favour of God they said "we don't actually have any appointments for a week, but he'll squeeze you in". Praise God, thank you Lord for favour.
Why am I sharing this? Last night was our prayer meeting. I was in so much pain all I wanted to do was curl up in bed and whine. lol. I was discussing with the Holy Ghost whether I could ditch the prayer meeting and hide out, but He gave me this verse instead.
James 4:7 Submit to God, resist the devil and he will flee from you.
The Lord began ministering to me how often when the devil or circumstances throw a fast ball at us we flip that verse and submit to the devil and resist Gods ways. The challenge for each of us is to fight the good fight of faith and submit to God and His Word and see the victory. Now this doesn't mean we can't miss a meeting like in my case, but it does mean we need to choose to actively push after what God says in His Word rather then what the devil says.
I did attend the prayer meeting last night and I'm sure glad I did. I was encouraged with fellowship and also had the opportunity to encourage others. The best part about that is I basically gave the devil a toothache. It was an opportunity for me to let the devil know that my life isn't going to stop because he is playing games. In the process I submitted to God because I knew God would want me to encourage others and be in prayer with the Church to see the Kingdom of Heaven come to earth.
I believe my obedience to submitting to God opened the door to the favour that got me into the dentist with no delay. As Christians I believe with all my heart we need to seek God on whether we should or shouldn't do something and not consult our feelings, circumstances or emotions. God will always lead us into the right things and by being led by the Spirit in this way, we cannot help but be blessed.
This morning in my Word time I was reading the book of Romans. I was reminded that, those that are led of the Spirit are the sons of God. Allowing ourselves to be led can be challenging at times as life can get busy and we can be quick to make decisions. I believe if we would slow down, consult God and allow to be led by HIs Spirit of truth we will surely prosper.
I pray you will be blessed by this word and encouraged to grow in relationship more and more. The Bible tells us that we go from glory to glory. This happens as we choose to follow Gods direction day by day. Allowing His Word to be a lamp to our feet and resisting the temptation to let our feelings, emotions or the devils shenanigans guide us.
Carol Eddington. xx

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