Big Buddha, Phuket

Big Buddha, Phuket

Jul 3, 2016, 2:25:38 PM Life and Styles

Sitting on top of The Nakkerd Hills( and you most certainly would be) if you took the hour long walk to the top....but would enjoy the most breathtaking scenery on the way :)

Is Big Buddha..Phukets most famous and reverred landmark. Some 45 metres tall and 25 metres across it can be seen from many parts of the island..sitting proud atop the hill.

From the top you get a magnificent 360 degree view of the island. Made fromconcrete with beautiful Burmese  white Jade marble's shimmers in the sunlight.

A symbol of hope... the full name is Phra Puttamingmongkol Akenakkiri Buddha.

The building of this fabulous monument is entirely funded from donations. The marble plaques and slabs which are part of the construction of Big Buddha have personal messages, purchased for loved ones or in their memory . Golden bells gently chime in the breeze again purchased and tell many stories. It is certainly a work of art and of the many people who visit.


When you visit make sure you are covered to show respect if not a shawl will be lent to you at the bare shoulders or too much leg allowed.

The road up to Big Buddha is steep and winding , you can hire a quad bike or just drive. Passing Elephants at work and little Thai restaurants with the most amazing views we normally eat on our way down and just marvel at the beauty of the views as we sit and eat.

As construction is still underway and will be for a few more years there is always somthing new every time we visit...Oh and take your walking shoes because once you arrive there are lots of steps to reach the lifts here ;)



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