Irish Cream

Irish Cream

Jul 12, 2016, 12:48:19 PM Life and Styles

Well those who know me well are probably wondering why it took me this long to reveal how easy it is to make this Irish Cream Drink....Image sitting at home all snuggled up with a good book when you fancy a nice drop of Baileys over ice......who left the bottle with only a smidgen in it?...mmmmmm.. well never fear..10 mins in the kichen and you will have more than enough... so guys dig down your store cupboard and get mixing :) This is the closest drink to the Original Baileys I have tasted.

It's the best  one pot dish without even "cooking" recipe ever!

Irish Cream:


10 oz Irish Whiskey

1/2 pt whipping cream

1 can condensed milk.

2 eggs.

11/2 tbsp Chocolate syrup.

1/2 tbsp each of, Vanilla Extract, Coconut Extract and Chocolate Extract.

Blend all ingredients together and refrigerate.

Serve cold and or over Ice.

Now isn’t that easy? and …you can get  about 4 batches from one bottle of  Irish Whiskey so by my reckoning that’s a real saving and lots of Baileys…yay……

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