Give away some PINK!!

Give away some PINK!!

Dont you need a bit of pink some days??? Today was one of those days for me, so i baked pink donuts and drank pink milkshake. It was so simple and superficial but it really made me feel great!!

Then i thought… how many people around me is also needing to add some “pink” to their day, and what can i do to help?

I guess sometimes we think helping others is such a difficult task. We constantly fear we are completely unprepared to help others cause we think nothing we can do could take away their pain or change the situation in any way.

Sometimes we think help looks like going on a mission trip at the other side of the world, giving away all your things to the needy, volunteering or donating big amounts of money.

But after savouring this  donut today, i realized we may be wrong in our idea of help. Help doesnt have to be something extraordinary, sometimes it just takes a little act and apparently nonsense thing. It may look stupid, but today something as simple as a milkshake and a donut helped to add joy to my day.

So the truth is, help is something we ALL can do from the place where we are at. Please DONT think that what you can give or do has no sense. It is better to try and do that simple thing than doing nothing at all (and who knows, it may be exactly what someone needed in that moment).

Maybe we cant change other one´s situation, but we surely can add a little pink sparkle to their lives. It doesnt have to be that hard. Perhaps, today help can come in the form of an encouraging word, an unexpected call, a flower, a hug, a breakfast in bed, a compliment or (hopefully) a donut. It can be as simple as that. And maybe, just maybe, those simple things can make a difference throughout someone´s day. So why not give it a try?

I want to remember myself to look around. To see if there is anyone who needs a bit of pink on their day. Maybe that person is you, maybe it is a stranger or a really close friend. But every single day we have the choice to add pink to this world. How can we do it today?

Published by Carola Ber

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