Lessons from Donovan

Meet Donovan. He is a really inspiring man. He is a natural leader, a domino player and a friend to everybody. He has such a positive attitude and will always make you laugh. He may look short, but his heart is as big as the sun. When i met him i was amazed of his ability to help and care for others and his great sense of humor. But little did i know i had so much more to learn from him.

After a long time of talking i discovered that besides all the fun, there was also a very deep and loving man. He really made me feel in confidence, so when he asked me if i had a boyfriend i wanted to be totally honest with him. I told him i used to have one but that he unexpectedly broke up with me some months ago, and i shared with him how much it hurt me and how broken hearted i was. As he listened to my story he looked deep into my soul and comforted me in a way no one ever has done. He made me feel so loved and special and it brought me to tears to see how much kindness i found inside this little man.

I tried to thank him for what he just said, but he immediately thank me back for going to visit him. He lives in a residence with just men and since the moment i entered there i saw clearly how his face lighted up. It is not because i was anyway special, it is because he never sees women. So it´s not hard to imagine that as we continued talking he asked me to marry him!!! It may sound funny to you (as it was for me at first glance), but the truth is that, when i realized the feeling behind that question i totally changed my mind….

As we continued talking i asked him to tell me a dream of his heart. He said he really wanted to form a family and find a beautiful woman who would make him feel loved. He also told me i could never imagine how hard it was for a man to know he will never have the chance to do that. And he promised me if i ever changed my opinion, he would be the best and must committed husband and would always treat me kind (i didnt have a doubt about that).

For a moment i was left without words. I felt so stupid when i thought how many tears i have cried for my broken heart, when he was going through something as hard as that. Being brokenhearted is, and always will be, something terrible for me, but at least it means that i tried. It means that i had a chance he never had. And i just cant imagine how it must feel to think you wont even experience that.

But you know what? I have come to think maybe there´s a “Donovan” in all of us in some way. We all want to love and be loved. But every now and then we may experience this loneliness, or fear we will never live a love story again. Maybe the people we love doesn´t love us back, maybe someone breaks up with us or refuses our proposal or leave us alone when we want so much to be with them. This can break our heart or make us feel as if nobody really cared for us, and we wonder if anybody will truly love us for who we are.

I honestly think it is not bad to feel sad sometimes and wish you find your “someone”; after all, we are humans and we were created to love. But we CANT let this feeling rule our lives. So in case you ever feel this way i wanna talk to the little “Donovan” inside of you, and let you know what i learned from this man.

First of all i want to tell you that you are deeply loved. That you are not a half and that, even when it is awesome to find a partner to share your life with, you are complete in who you are. Sure getting married could be one of the biggest blessings in life, but no one in this world, not even a husband or a wife, could ever love you as much as God does. So please remember you are never alone, you are always loved and cherished for exactly who you are. And you can never find a love story as real as that.

So as i write down this i pray his story may inspire others. I pray through it you may find comfort and know you are not alone. I pray whether you are called for a single or a married life, you will always know you are loved and valued for who you are as an individual. I pray you realize that being single, rejected or hurt doesnt mean you have less value at all. I pray you will follow Donovan´s example and remember you can always give out love, even when you may sometimes feel alone. I pray you can face your trials with a positive attitude like him. I pray that you know you are unique, and that no matter how unlovable you may feel sometimes, you never doubt we are ALL so loved and you feel it in your heart.

Donovan, im amazed by who you are. Im amazed by all the love and compassion you gave me even though you had your own wounds. You radiate God´s love and nothing could ever be more precious than that. Thanks for reminding me that we can always be a light to others, even when we have our own darkness inside. Thanks for listening carefully. Thanks for the encouraging words. Thanks for having such a fun and inspiring personality. Thanks for being honest and sharing your story with me. But most of all, thanks for teaching me so much about LOVE. This girl will never forget you.

Published by Carola Ber

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