What traveling alone has taught me about God

“The journey is written in her soul, it follows her passions and her heart. Its road is build up by dreams and hope, its map is build up by stars and clouds. Her final destination is God.. so no matter where she goes, she knows she wont be too lost, she will eventually be where she needs to be, and meanwhile...she will enjoy the scenery”. 


I am a “born traveler”. Nope, i havent traveled the whole world, not even a bit close (even though i would love to). But i firmly believe i was born as a “traveler”. In fact, i know very few people who would say no to travel, mostly all of us dream about traveling as much as we can, cause seriously, is there anything more amazing than that???

Sometimes i think about the moment God created me and i like to imagine He took the “traveler label” for me and printed it on my heart. I know God rejoices when i travel, for i feel a happiness that no explanation could ever describe.

There is nothing as exciting as traveling with the people you love the most. The trips i´ve done with my family will forever be on the top, but lately im learning to travel just by myself.  People often ask if it is boring or scaring for me to travel alone. So in order to answer that, i must explain why i LOVE to travel this way and how much it has taught me about God:

I like everything about it. I love travel days. I have no problem on waiting hours and hours on airports, in fact, i get excited about that. I love to be there. I love to watch the people around and create stories on my mind of how their trips will look like. I love to meet people there. I love to imagine how the city outside may look like. I love to see how true love just swirls all around as i witness the most lovely and emotional goodbyes. I LOVE IT ALL.

I love airplanes (even dream of being a flight attendant one day). I love the feeling when the airplane takes off. I love to stare at the cotton candy clouds and dream while i look at them. I love how somehow the strangers that sit next to you end up having the deepest conversations with you. I love the apple juice, the peanuts, and all the airplane food. I love how many thoughts can pass through my mind during the hours of flight. I LOVE IT ALL.

I love when we finally land and the relief of knowing my suitcase arrived. I love how, as soon as i take a step into the airport i see how faces have totally changed now. I love the feeling of knowing i am at a new place while i listen to new accents and smell new scents. I love when there´s someone excited just waiting for you and i also love when there´s actually no one waiting for you. I LOVE IT ALL.

I love EVERYTHING i do as soon as i go out of the airport. I love to see the old and new buildings, the streets, the cars, the restaurants, everything that my eyes can catch while the taxi drives. I love to take a bus or a train or the subway even if i probably will end up getting lost. I love to see how there´s always someone who will tend me a hand. I love to plan the places that i´ll visit and i love to forget about the plan and do the most spontaneous things. I love to get on adventures and rejoice in the beauty of the places. I love to know i can laugh and sing out loud and no one else would care about. I love to take lots and lots of pictures and make videos for my family that months later i will be embarrassed at. I love to visit the touristic places and i love going to the unknown ones.

I love listening to other languages and trying to guess from which place they are. I love to taste the traditional food and... basically eat as much as i can. I love exploring the museums and diving into the country´s art. I love to listen to local stories and legends and immerse myself into a new culture. I love hotels (even the ones that look like taken out from a terror movie) and i love the warmth to be received at a home. I love that postcards are possibly the only souvenir i can afford, because well, there´s nothing i enjoy more than writing and sending them. I love to wake up really early and sleep really late in order to do as much as i can. I love to imagine all the adventures the day may throw to me. I love the unique sounds and music every place has. I love to wake up every morning and thank God for be doing what i love. I LOVE IT ALL.

But you know what? The thing i love the most about traveling is definitely the people. I love to meet other travelers and make friends around the world. I love to get to know people´s stories and the adventures they have been on. I love the strangers who come to help when im lost and bring calm with a simple and genuine smile. I love the people that join me on adventures and those who make me feel as a member of their family. I love people who teach me new languages and different ways of living. I love the ones that start conversations and bring uncontrollable laughter to my days. I love to experience the most sincere hugs and tears when i have to say goodbye to them. I love all the people i meet; people that make me believe in the goodness of the world. I LOVE IT ALL.

Maybe it doesnt sound like this but the truth is there is no place like home to me. I love my country, my family my friends and what i do here, but every now and then i just need a little escape. It is written in my soul, i need to take adventures to truly know where i belong. My wish is that i could always have people who wanted to come with me, but i will tell you why i will always chose to travel even if there´s no one else who wants to join me.

I travel because i want to get out of my comfort zone. Because i force myself into awkward situations that probably someone else would solve if i was at home. Because it pushes me to unfamiliar situations. Because it challenges me. Because i have to deal with things. Because it reminds me i should never be arrogant and makes me see how dumb i can actually be. But also because it shows me that im capable of more than i usually think. Because it helps me to have confidence in me, to believe that even though i have the worst orientation skills or a very forgetful mind in the end i will be able to do it. Because i like to get surprised by everything that is thrown my way. Because it helps me to learn a lot about myself.

I travel because i love the world and i want to taste every bit of it. Because i want to learn that there are a million ways to live, to dress, to speak and to eat. Because i want to be reminded that my way isnt necessarily “the way”. Because it teaches me that “different” isnt bad, that different is exciting, challenging and growing. Because i love the opportunity it brings to see the world and realize there is so much more out there than what i´ve always known.

I travel because i can get the chance to meet wonderful people. Because it shows me that no matter how different people may seem we all are very similar inside and we all want the same thing: to love and be loved. I travel because through it i can experience this two things to the fullest. Because i can give away and receive love in the most unexpected and sincere ways. Because i love to find people with different beliefs and views of the world that help me to learn and grow more. Because it teaches me how valuable every single person is. Because it reminds me i can find friends anywhere. Because it teaches me the beauty of missing someone; the beauty of having someone so special to miss.

I travel because it teaches me things i could never have thought otherwise. Because it teaches me new ways of thinking and doing things. Because it reminds me that it is okay to say “i dont know”. It teaches me to be humble and let myself be taught by others, as well as shows me i have also some things to share with the world.

I travel because it gives me life-long memories. Because it shows me the importance of collecting moments, not things. Because it changes the way i look at the world. Because it teaches me that in every single place i can find a home.

I travel because it teaches me how much i can enjoy my own company, how wonderful it is to spend time alone. Because it teaches me not to take things for granted and appreciate what i have. Because it tests my patience and frustration tolerance. Because it shows me that it is okay if sometimes plans fail. It gives me perspective and flexibility. Because i love to experience new things. Because each place i go always gives new lessons to me. Because every time i travel my heart grows bigger and loves more and more the people and the world.

But above all, i love to travel because it reminds me about GOD. Because it helps me to trust in Him and remember that i will always be at the right place at the right time. That He will send me exactly where im needed and where i need to be, and that no matter how long it takes i will eventually get where i should be. Because it helps me to test and strengthen my faith. Because it makes me be amazed and feel grateful for His creation. Because it makes me see He is all around the world, in each place i go and each person i meet.

Because i can experience diversity and that teaches me a lot about God. A God who could have created all of us the same way, make every country, every landscape look the same, but didnt. A God that didnt do it the easy way, a God who loves us so deeply that took so much care in making each place and each one of us. I love to travel because i adore to get lost in His creativity. And because i want to go around the world to share my love for Him.

So the answer for those who ever wondered if i feel scared or lonely when i travel like this will always be NO. I´ve never felt that way because the truth is i have actually never traveled alone, for God has always ALWAYS been there with me. That is what traveling alone has taught me about Him!! 

Published by Carola Ber

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