Beachbody® Coach? What The Heck Do They Do?!

Beachbody® Coach? What The Heck Do They Do?!

It was a year ago that I asked the very same question.  I had heard "Beachbody® Coach" before because my sister was one, but I thought it was because she just was getting a discount on her Shakeology, which you can, however , it wasn't until I signed up and learned more that I realized it meant so much more!  

There are a lot of myths, "haters", and quite frankly some misinterpretation out there about what a Beachbody® Coach is and what we actually do!  So, I felt I would write about it, so I reached out to my "Beachbody® family" this weekend and I asked them what they would like people to know about what we are as coaches.  So  I will be writing about the 5 main things that we as coaches are.  It is important to note that our main goal as coaches are to help people become healthier for themselves and their families.  My personal mission as a Beachbody® Coach is to help "inspire women to love their bodies and help them live a healthy lifestyle"  So here are the 5 main things Beachbody® Coaches are.

1. We ARE NOT EXPERTS!  BUT....We are Passionate Everyday People who want to HELP!

I think the biggest misconception out there about us coaches is that we are these "self-proclaimed" health and fitness professionals that are personal trainers and know it all. How about NO!  The biggest thing that we tell people is that we are NOT EXPERTS!  What we do tell people is that we are EVERYDAY individuals that have found a love for healthy eating and incorporate fitness into our daily lives by using the amazing products and workouts that Beachbody® provides.  When I talk with a prospective client, I tell them about my personal experience along with the results that I have seen in my own life.  I also talk with them about what they would like to see in their own journey and I show them various options that may help them meet their goals.  We have many programs for many different people and it is my job to help match that!  I NEVER offer professional medical advice and I ALWAYS ask people to consult with their physician first before starting any eating program, supplement, or exercise regime.  I want to help people, NOT hurt them.  

2. We ARE NOT PERSONAL TRAINERS! BUT....We will hold you accountable & be your biggest cheerleader!

I am not a personal trainer or fitness instructor, although someday I would love to become certified in teaching Yoga...I digress.  Some Beachbody® Coaches are certified in teaching certain Beachbody® Programs, but they become certified thru Beachbody®.  The fact is, coaches can be ANYONE who wants to help others and make a difference in someone else's life by sharing their own story and being that accountability for others.  I think this is my most favorite part about what I do.  I LOVE to lead others and inspire them!  I share my story all the time and EVERY MONTH I do what we call a Challenge Group.  It is online usually through a Private Facebook group.  All of the participants check in daily and I as a coach help keep them all accountable on their health and fitness journey!  I have seen some great results from clients and many keep attending the groups!  All they do is purchase one program and they can keep coming to my groups as many times as they want...FOR FREE!  Literally they are getting a lifetime of inspiration and cheer leading from ME their Beachbody® Coach!  Not only does it help them, but it helps me everyday to stay on track because I know they are counting on me to keep it together.

3. We are NOT NUTRITIONISTS! BUT....We follow really easy eating plans and help others do the same!

Goodness, I wish I knew everything about nutrition.  It would make my job a lot easier.  I read a lot about nutrition, clean eating, and I do a ton of research.  There are other coaches on my team that are nurses, doctors, and yes professional nutritionists that I get feedback from.  However, I never allow clients to think that I have it all together or that I know it all. I do know how to follow great eating plans that Beachbody® has put together and I know that they work because I am LIVING PROOF that with clean eating, proper portions, and exercise people WILL see results.  Honestly it is the only way that people can see results and KEEP their results.  I have kept off 38 lbs that I lost for a YEAR!  Not to mention it has completely changed my lifestyle for the better.  


The one thing I have learned out of this whole process of becoming a Beachbody® coach is that we are one passionate group of people!   We will post our experiences, our daily lives, and probably drive half of the public insane with our passion, but we can't help it!  We just want others to know that they too can have LIFE CHANGE!  I can't tell you how much I was struggling a year ago.  I was slowly slipping back into my depression and eating disorder and I had no other choice but to make a drastic decision.  I know that I am not the only person out there that need change.  There are tons of people just like me that need to hear someone say....YOU CAN DO THIS!!! I GOT YOUR BACK!  It took an investment but the thing I love most about Beachbody® is that they have a money back guarantee!  That means if someone tries a product and they don't feel satisfied with their results, they can return it and get their money back!  It is a win-win situation!  The one thing people can't deny is that if you have ever met a Beachbody® coach, you will feel their passion!

5.  We are ALWAYS looking to grow personally and grow our team.

The coach that leads my team is very passionate and a fantastic leader to us as teammates.  She is always pushing us to grow outside our comfort zones and grow as leaders ourselves.  One thing I have learned in life is, if you aren't learning or growing, you stop living.  Life is about not only making ourselves better but making others better too!  There are many goals that I have, but one of my biggest ones is to grow my team and find others that want to help, because I can't do this alone!  The goal of completely eliminating obesity off the face of this planet is way too big a job for just me.  I hate seeing people unhappy with themselves or down on themselves because they just don't feel healthy.  It literally hurts my heart.  I know that if I continue to grow personally that I will find other people who want to help me help others.  


I hope that I have clarified some of the myths out there that have left people a bit "weary" of us Beachbody® Coaches.  If you take anything away from this, I hope you take away that we just want to help people feel good!  I never thought a year ago that I would be doing something like this, but yet, here I am...actually doing it every. single. day.   Just an everyday person with a story to tell.  

Published by Carolyn Decker

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