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My name's Caron and I'm a:

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I've been writing since I was 9 years old and I started uploading my stories to Wattpad when I was 15. I write gay romance drama fiction that seems to bring joy to my readers. I write because writing makes me happy and allows me to share my stories with the world and feel like I'm part of a community where I don't have to hide.

The first big novel I read was 'A Place of Execution' by Val Mcdermid and that story stuck with me on account of the message that was sent and the almost horrific plot line. Definitely too much for my 13 year old mind.

Becoming a reader has probably been one of the best pathways I decided to go down because i can see myself doing this one day when I'm old and grey. I feel that this is a love that will never go away. To share my thoughts on books I've read, I'm on both Goodreads and Wordpress where I sometimes rant about how much I love authors, freak out about new book releases and just have a great time and an outlet for all things awesome.

I hope that you will enjoy my articles as much as I hope to enjoy writing them.

Thanks for stopping by,

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