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Hey all!

So happy to be part of such a wonderful, inspiring group of writers, bloggers and creative individuals! My name is Carrie and I am a newbie blogger!! At the beginning of 2016 I decided to commit to a truly healthy, organic lifestyle after losing my parents to cancer within one year. 

I have always lived a healthy life style by most peoples standards, but after losing your parents unexpectedly, you begin to question everyone and everything around you.

My crazy green life is a blog about my journey to transition my life from a conventional lifestyle to a to one that is balanced, organic and natural. My intent is to experiment and test organic products, lifestyle changes, and disclose the ups and downs of making such a transition (which can be pretty funny at times!!).  Not only am I going to discuss my health and exercise habits, but I am also going to research and post about balancing out what matters most in life, which is making the most of quality time with family and those you care about.

I, like most want to break out of the "rat race", do more and discover more about myself. I hope through my crazy green life that will come to fruition, and along the way I will learn and discover more about myself and who I am yet to become. 

- Carrie

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