Top 7 Beauty Trends that Never Goes Out of Style

Trends may come and trends may go, but it seems like some of them are forever. Some of them got adapted with time, but some are exactly the same as they were 50 years ago. 

Natural Beauty

Natural beauty, emphasised with a little bit of mascara or lip gloss, will never go out of style. All the most beautiful women in history just accentuated their lips or eyes with a dash of makeup. If you want your natural beauty to stand out, it is important to keep good care of yourself. Your lifestyle affects the quality of your skin and hair, as well as your fitness. 

Healthy diet, a lot of water, regular skin care routine and a good night sleep will make your face glow and you will not need a lot of makeup to cover it up. 

Bold Eyebrows

Styling your eyebrows is one evergreen beauty trend. Eyebrow trend changes all the time, but it seems like bold brows have been here for some time and they don't intend to go. 

Strong brows are not just a passing trend, but an industry focus, becoming a major category in makeup. A lot of different permanent eyebrow treatments have developed. These treatments are similar to brow tattoos, but much more sophisticated versions. You can choose some of the most popular techniques such as microblading eyebrows, nanoblading, ombre powder brows etc. What they all have in common is the natural looking brows, full, dense, modern.

You don't have to draw them every morning and wonder if they are still there in case they get wet. With microblading, your eyebrows are going to be flawless for months. 

Black Eyeliner

Eyeliner is a must in every woman's makeup bag. Thick, thin, smudged, winged or floating  - there are a lot of different ways to wear it, just choose the one that suits you better. Eyeliner accents your eyes, giving them an attractive cat-eye look

Eyeliner has always been trendy. Some of the most beautiful Hollywood actresses, such as Brigitte Bardot or Elizabeth Taylor,  were famous for wearing it and young celebrities seem to follow in their footsteps.

Red lipstick

Red lipstick is an iconic piece of makeup. It always looks stylish and does not go unnoticed. It symbolizes a strong, sexy woman and is a great confidence booster. It is important to choose the shade that fits your complexion best. Also, red lipstick must not be cheap - invest in the quality one that won't smudge when you eat or drink and will not leave marks on your teeth. 

Long lashes

Long lashes have always been attractive and people have always tried to make them longer and thicker. That is why mascara was invented. Nowadays, there are many ways to make your lashes stick out, such as a lash curler. 

Beauty salons offer lash treatments that are very popular. You can choose a lash lift aka lash perm, that will curl and lift your natural lashes. Lash extensions treatment is also high in demand - it adds fake lashes to your natural, making your eyes look bigger and more open.

Short Hair 

When it comes to hairstyles, stylish short hair is always attractive. The most popular hairstyles are pixie cut and bob hair.  Pixie cut is the one that always looks modern. If you are considering changing your hairstyle, pixie cut is a good refreshment. It makes women look younger and stylish. It fits most of the face shapes and hair textures.

Stylish bob cut is also flattering for a lot of different face shapes and that is why it is still popular. Whether you opt for a long bob or Lob, or a shorter one, you can be sure that you will look trendy. It is perfect for those who don't want to bother with long hair, as well as for those who are not brave enough for a pixie cut. 

Long Hair

Long hair looks good only if it is healthy. It requires constant nourishment and it has to be styled. Cut it regularly and use quality products to feed your hair. This is the only way to have beautiful, shiny hair that is always popular. 

Women with curly hair are usually perceived as attractive and fun. That is why even women with straight hair invest in curlers, trying to make their hair different for a couple of hours. 

Whether big or small, curls always look trendy and it is fun to have a chance to wear a different hairstyle once in a while.

Published by Carrie Davis


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