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What up? This kid you're reading about is named Cassady. Cassady is an English major at Cal Poly Pomona. Cassady also doesn't like people who refer to themselves in the third person.


Wait, that's what I just did. But in some seriousness, I'm a theoretical person who questions the way people think a lot. I'm pretty liberal, I write a lot on the effect of actions rather than the integrity of those actions. I'm also learning to dabble in creative writing more and more.


I also love food. But I talk about that less. I've played a lot of sports, though I was always best at soccer. I currently reside in Claremont, CA. I like fantasy fiction, sleeping late, and working hard.


Feel wined-and-dined yet? No? Darn. Well, it was worth a shot. Wait, why are you still reading this? Go read a post I made. Seriously, like, I made my pitch. And you're still here.


You're still here.


My necklace has my grandfather in it.


Cassady out


*Flies away in spaceship*

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