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Last night

I went to the bar to find a girl,

Little did I know she would change my world.

She was standing there in boots and a skirt

I downed my drink and got up to go flirt.

She smiled at me with a grin so tight.

I wondered if she’d keep it up all night…

Or me, because, before I said a word

She grabbed me by the wrist and purred

“I haven’t seen you around here before,

So don’t look at me like some common whore.

I’m a classy lady but I like to sin,

So don’t go looking so dumbstruck, darlin’.”

Then she laughed at the look in my eyes

‘Cause I was caught totally by surprise.

Hand in hand, we walked to the dance floor;

And the rhythm of her hips made my heart soar.

(and my legs sore, for that matter, it’s true)

But I must tell about the lovely view

That I got from my house up on the hill

Of her standing at the widow sill.

She was looking at the sun as it rose

And I was gripped by a sense of purpose

This unknown void that was suddenly full

And the world seemed quite a bit less dull.

I walked up to her from behind,

And kissed her from her neck to her spine.

She smiled and took my fingers in hers

Turned to my ear and silently purrs

“Darlin’ that was such a magical time,

I think that it would be such a crime

For me to run off at the break of day.

When I could stay with you—what do you say?”


It’s hard to believe that it was just last night

That I found the girl that could make life right.



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Published by Cassady O'Reilly-Hahn

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