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I told her

She was like a lightning bolt.

Beautiful and terrible.

Frightening and awe-inspiring.


And her voice

Was like the rolling thunder,

Before the break of a storm.

Distant, yet omnipresent.


And like lightning,

She was flashy.

Legendary and mythical.

Like a god out of time.


She wreaked havoc:

Cracking the hide of Yggdrasil,

And capsizing the great Noah.

She was unyielding.


And I was her Zeus.

I held her

Guided her

Channeled her strength.

We were unmatched—

A pair as inseparable

As Adam and Eve.


And yet my pride…


My anger,

My lust.


My greed.


We know not the tolerance

We build to good things:

When once electrified hands

Grow accustomed to their hold

On such a perfect woman…


For I am not a god,

Though I saw myself a king.

And in my patriarchy,

I pushed her away from me.


I controlled her

Made her my weapon;

Bent her to my will.

For what is the King of Heaven

Without his mighty sword?


But she stayed true to form,

Lightning to the end:


And she bolted away from me.



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Published by Cassady O'Reilly-Hahn


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