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A dozen happy feet scurry

Like a pack of dogs out to play.

The sunset marks the end of day;

The dark makes their mothers worry.

Each calls their children too their nest,

And each prepares themselves for bed.

Under starlight they lay their head,

Before sleep puts their mind at rest.

For a moment all is silent,

Save for the leaves in the night's breeze.

Then by a dream young Mu was seized

And his calm mind was turned violent.

The red engulfed his cool sky blue,

His new found rage consuming him.

The sight to his friends was poison,

Yet young Mu felt himself anew.

He conquered like wildfire

And in his wake was only death

Until he found nothing was left

But corpses to fill the pyre.

And then, for the first time in years

Mu felt the fires of his rage

Snuff out from under his rampage,

And his once red eyes filled with tears.

Mu's eyes opened and he looked 'round

He could here the laugher of friends.

His nightmare had come to an end,

Though he did not feel quite sound.

Could he really be so evil?

He splashed cool water on his face,

Then grabbed a towel out from the vase.

He had always been so peaceful.

His eyes flickered and he smiled

No, he thought as he laced his shoes.

His destiny was his to choose.

And once again Mu was made mild.

A dozen happy feet scurry

Like a pack of dogs out to play.

The sunrise marks the start of day;

The light makes their mothers carefree.



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Published by Cassady O'Reilly-Hahn

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