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Okay, let's give this a go.

First of all, I guess, hi. My name's Cat, I'm nineteen years old and I study English with Creative Writing at Falmouth university in Cornwall, England. I have two sisters and three pretty cool dogs. I have some really talented friends and overall I'm very lucky.

I write about love but I don't enjoy reading about it, so that's super convenient. I write because of reasons.

I don't really know what else to put in here... Um, I'm a big big fan of musical theatre and of Shakespeare, impressionist artwork, Marvel comics, equal rights, Pokémon and a cartoon tv show called Rick and Morty. And wine.

I hope you like the writing I put out into the world, and if you don't I hope you find some you do like, because I'm cliche and I think poetry is important. Be happy everybody. xo


PS: Hi hello I do have a personal site also if you're interested, so yeah why not go check it out.

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