The Danger in Political Correctness

The Danger in Political Correctness

Political correctness is supposed to be a voluntary set of codes of etiquette and manners. Voluntary political correctness subverts harm to disadvantaged communities. However, political correctness has turned into a more radical movement.

Radical political correctness only has one enemy – dissent. Those who oppose the majority idea or ideology (regardless of whether it’s right or wrong) are ostracized and isolated in society. This, however, should not be the case in a free speech society. Free speech society allows an individual to believe what they want – regardless of whether it’s right or wrong and live by it as long as it does not cause violence or prompt violent action. There are clear parameters to the First Amendment and the US government has gone to the length of providing the clarifications.

Both individuals – one who opposes gay marriage and one who accepts it – are and should be allowed to co-exist beside each other. Holding a different ideology does not make an individual bad: there are certain moral codes or convictions that they may hold and others should respect that.

There is no right or wrong ideology – the right idea is merely the one of the political group in power at the moment: either in government or in majority (Gramsci’s Cultural Theory is a wonderful exposition regarding this).

Respect other’s opinion if you want them to respect yours – do not simply throw around labels with heavy weightage simply because you find their ideology to be intolerable. There's a laden history behind these terms that's forgotten when they're thrown around so.

If you want to shut down a specific ideology because you it doesn’t sit well with you – regardless of whether it is true or not – you’re going against the First Amendment and the very concept of freedom of speech.

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