2018 Footwear trends that you will love

2018 Footwear trends that you will love

Dec 26, 2017, 5:54:24 PM Life and Styles

To sum it all up in a sentence – the stranger the shoe the better! That's great news for all of you adoring a bit weird looking statement shoes since now you can wear that crazy colored pair with almost any outfit and you will be on the hottest trend! So, here are more examples of footwear trends that you are going to adore in 2018.

Put on your dance shoes

Time to get your glitter on, girls (and all of you feeling girly)! It's all about party style outfits with a lot of glitters and sparkling details. Think shiny or metallic silver (or even shocking pink) shoes over silver or blackish glittery socks – it's an absolute hit! There is a whole lot of silver and glitter combos in general on runways - boots, sandals, stilettoes and chunky heels all become fashionably shiny with little silverish details and just a pinch of glitter. The new party style glitter-everywhere trend with a pinch of bejeweled design effect on any kind of shoe is going to be the next big thing in 2018!

Don't get me started on the socks and the sandals combination! There is no need for the hmm part and don't hesitate to try it out since it is one of those WOW trends that makes you modern and very noticeable. And when it comes to bold and funky sock-sandal combinations there are no better ones than Gucci masterpiece shoes made to shine bright like a diamond!

The velvet crush

I'm just going to say – crystal heeled tempo ankle purple velvet Ellery boots - and leave it like that. Velvet is most definitely the hottest material on runways nowadays, and not just for the shoes - jackets, skirts, dresses, well everyone's crazy (in love) about it! Especially velvet in funky floral prints! If you don't own a pair of velvet shoes, you better do something about it as soon as possible. Play with colors in your outfit and choose bold shoes like red velvet ones (here's a hint: they go great with boyfriend jeans) to perfectly complete the look and leave everyone speechless.

Buckle up, girls!

Miu Miu has brought the buckle trend back into our fashion lives. Hello, is everyone seeing this? All those shoes with wonderful buckles in different colors that look elegant but fun at the same time. You can combine the buckle shoes in contrast to your sophisticated-classical-gown-look or opt for sports elegance with jeans and a plain shirt. Prada's silk shoes are simply gorgeous but you won't even notice the material they are made of from all the artistic heels and buckles you're going be staring at!

Plus the furry boots are also in style and they are going to keep your feet warm, so hurry to add furry accents on your plain stilettoes to be on the hottest 2018 trend!

Put yourself in my shoes

If heels are not your cup of tea (honestly, I myself rarely wear them), don't despair, we have found just perfect flats for you. All of the above refers to the flats and ballet shoes as well! Glitter, metallic colored, velvet, silk, with buckles or flats with bejeweled effect are the perfect choice for all of you pro-comfort girls. You can DIY and update your plain old ones or you can simply buy them and enjoy them (trust me, you won't regret it)! Choose beautiful Avarca sandals for hot summer days or create a unique look with leather glittery espadrilles. After all, the shoes are made for walking and if you can walk all day in one pair, then my friend, you're the lucky one!

When it comes to statement shoes, you can't make a mistake! Play with colors, materials, patterns, and styles until you find that one perfect pair that suits you (and most of your wardrobe). The shoes are not all about the way they look, they have to be comfy as well, so either invest in one not-so-cheap but a comfortable leather pair or simply wear flats (they can be very fashionable as well). All in all, just do what makes you feel good!


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