Exterior design trends you'll love in 2018

Exterior design trends you'll love in 2018

Nov 26, 2017, 4:26:59 AM Life and Styles

When it comes to new design trends for the upcoming 2018, you will notice that the interior of the house is in the main focus. There are many interior design trends taking over right now, from millennial pink trend to dark wood trend. As the interior design ideas thrive, so do the exterior design trends. We often don’t pay enough attention to the exterior’s upgrade, thinking it’s too much work. However, it doesn’t need to be.

If you are looking for a way to upgrade the exterior of your residence with some new design trends, feel free to take a look at:

Subtle vs. edgy colors

Among the exterior design trends, the selection of colors will definitely catch your eye. The neutral colors have made a breakthrough. After successfully conquering the interior, they plan to do the same with the exterior design. The subtle colors of beige, grey, and off-whites are easily combined with bricks, roofing or concrete in grey color, too. For an edgier approach, many designers opt for darker shades well-incorporated into the structure. For example, white exterior accompanied by black trim, or better yet, a completely black exterior with black trim to make a bold statement.

Effects of texture

The latest exterior design trends are all about the texture. This idea has been popular in the field of interior design for a while due to its visual weight. Now, it’s making its way to the exterior using two ways to highlight the texture. The first way is by creating a contrast. This contrast is achieved by generating different gloss levels while using the same materials. Another way is to use the texture to the home’s advantage is by choosing self-patterned exterior textures, especially in case of the expanded shapes and forms, which are nowadays being frequently integrated into the exterior.  

Trendy old materials

It’s 2018 and we are not opting for the new-invented materials. This is the years to embrace the architectural legacy of the past and make it come together with some modern solutions in design. The good old classic brick is revived and reused for its decorative and practical purposes. Moreover, due to the interest surrounding modernist architecture, the use of natural materials, like timber, is emerging yet again. However, this time its natural form is emphasized without excessive paint, by leaving it bare and clear. Therefore, free up the timber and let it transform your residence, too.

Outdoor-oriented lifestyle

In the upcoming 2018, all the exterior designers are taking advantage of the outdoor potential. While opting for natural material and good old ways, they are also opening the exterior with a balcony or a patio. After adding the best retractable pergolas and awnings, durable rattan furniture or wicker sofa, your outdoor area is all set for entertainment. Moreover, with exterior walls decorated with a unique artwork or a vertical garden, the outdoor ambiance gets a new dimension. In other words, with a modern patio, the comfort of the interior and the advantages of the outdoors finally become one.

Refined landscaping solutions

As already mentioned, the potential of the outdoors is being used and reinvented. However, not only does the patio change, but also other trends in garden design. Now, the goal is not to neglect other elements like a garage, fence or shed, but to harmonize them with the exterior of the house. For example, instead of a plain fence, give a thought to planting shrubs and trees which will serve as a refined fencing solution. Moreover, water elements well-fitted with semi-aquatic plants will add some depth to your modern exterior as well as make a serene ambiance.

State-of-the-art design trends

Make these ideas come to life by putting them to test on the exterior of your residence. Play it safe and choose a neutral color or be bold and try a dark approach. To get an impressive visual weight of the exterior texture, choose one of the two previously mentioned ways. Trendy timber and vintage brick are not going away anytime soon. The reinvented patio works well with refined landscaping solutions. In the end, not only shall you upgrade the exterior by embracing these state-of-the-art design trends, but you may add a significant value to your residence.


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