Summer is Coming: Travel Trends to Watch in 2018

Summer is Coming: Travel Trends to Watch in 2018

Mar 28, 2018, 12:53:15 PM Life and Styles

Summer is a few months away, but it’s already time to plan the travels. The travel industry has trends just like any other and they change every year. The bigger and more innovative the offer, people will be eager to try new and exciting things.

We can freely say that there is something for everyone in 2018. So if you didn’t make any plans, take a look at our suggestions and start looking at the offers.


Train travel

Trains were once a very popular means of transportation. Orient Express was a globally famous rail route which sold out tickets for every ride. Today, the trains seem to be back and people are more than glad to spend days riding and enjoying the views.

Some rides are organized to spend a certain time in stations so you can go sightseeing. Meals and entertainment are available on the train while sleeping carriages are comfortable and relaxing. Some of the most famous rides today are Bernina Express from Chur across northern Italy to Switzerland and Danube Express including Prague, Vienna, Berlin, Belgrade, Sarajevo, and Trieste.


Extreme vacations

If you’re thirsty for adrenaline, then extreme vacation is a perfect form of tourism for you. You can swim with sharks and crocodiles in Australia, or jump from the helicopter on skies in Alaska. This type of tourism also includes extreme destinations like Mount Everest or Sahara desert, or simply mountain biking in the country.


National parks

The world is full of national parks and each one is special and worth visiting. Nature alone is amazing and beautiful, while the wildlife is something you can't experience every day. The organized tours are on the rise and you will certainly find something that suits you.  

You can choose to stay in the big city and then sign up for a short tour, or you can go hiking for days and sleep under the stars. Make sure that you respect the rules and regulations, like taking care of trash and minding the flora and fauna around you.



If you want to be in nature but in a luxurious way then glamping is your type of vacation. This is a fairly new form of tourism especially popular in the 21st century. It provides perfect escapism for those who want to go away from the chaotic city life but without exchanging the glamorous conditions for crude nature. Destinations include one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world like Patagonia, Cadiz and Western Australia.


Art retreats

If you have an affinity towards art, then consider going to an art retreat. This is a perfect way to spend time with other art lovers and try to wake up the artist within you. It is an excellent way to reach your creativity and refresh yourself at the same time. Additionally, you will have an opportunity to make artwork which you can leave at the retreat as part of the permanent exhibition to inspire others.


Sustainable tourism

Sustainable tourism is a very popular concept considering the shape our environment is in. If you want to go on vacation and help the planet at the same time, then this is a type of tourism you are looking for. However, besides the environment, this type of tourism is also intended to better the society and economy of certain destinations. Developing countries are especially interested in attracting tourists due to the economic benefits.

Some of the destinations include Costa Rica, Slovenia, Bhutan, Norway, Finland, and Iceland, to name the few. However, exotic destinations like Bali also fall under this type of tourism. It is described as “very scenic, walk through the picturesque forest and fertile jungle scenery” and “perfect launch point for a seaside stroll” by Travel Guides of the Bali Villa Escapes. Visitors have the opportunity not only to enjoy the natural beauty but also to help its economy and leave a modern society aside for several days.


Ocean cruising

Cruising industry is blooming and even the younger people book a cruise to see distant places and enjoy some blue serenity. This is a luxurious vacationing where you have everything you need and more on board. The cruise ships are large and can take thousands of passengers. Their crew is trained to help you enjoy the trip without missing the land.

Usually, there are at least three exterior swimming pools, as well as interior ones. Evening entertainment includes a casino, musical performances and themed nights, among other things. You can try cuisines all around the world, relax in the spa or do some shopping in some of the stores on board.


All in all

Use this year to try something new and exciting. Choose one of the travel trends we suggested and enjoy experiencing new and adventurous things. Whether it's villas on Bali or camping in Yellowstone, embrace the new destination and make the most of it.


Published by Cate Palmer

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