Wishing won't make it so

Wishing won't make it so

Oct 30, 2016, 4:00:00 PM Opinion

I caught myself wishing for something over the weekend. I don't recall now what it was exactly - probably a house that I found in Tennessee. But then I heard my father's voice in my head saying "wishing won't make it so". He was always good for sayings like that - my mom too.

Then I got to thinking about how dangerous wishing for stuff really is. To me it implies that I want something but don't want to put for the work and effort to get it. Don't get me wrong I want stuff all the time, but once the thought pops into my head I begin planning on how to get it. Of course most of the stuff I want usually ends up being the materials I need to create something or update my house.

I did just buy a goofy looking moose from Costco so that's why I said usually. :)

But if what I want stays in the wish column then that's when I get into trouble. Especially when I hear of someone else getting what I want. Anger and jealousy rear their ugly heads and unfortunately affect my behavior toward that person the next time I see them.

These are some harsh truths, but if I don't confront these things now I won't be the person I want to be. And let's face it, if I'm not willing to put the time and effort to get something or accomplish a goal then I have no right to become angry or jealous of someone who is.

So, yeah, I don't waste a lot of time wishing for stuff, but when I do I either make it a priority or forget it so I can be happy for others when they get the stuff I thought I wanted.

I'm beginning to wonder if the truth is ever pretty...

Published by Cathy Langer

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