Christmas Reading List Suggestions.

Christmas Reading List Suggestions.

It’s almost Christmas weekend, and apart from spending time with family and getting great gifts, there’s definitely time for reading. So if you haven’t decided what books to read on Christmas weekend, well here’s my list of suggestions to inspired you.

The Bible

We have to start with the beginning. Where it all came from. Now, I’m not saying that I’m reading the whole bible this weekend (lol) but I think that its really important to read the original story. I recommend The Message version is one of my favorites and just read the original story of Christmas. (You can find it in Mathew, Mark, Luke, John)

A Christmas Carol

A classic because I love the classics. A Christmas Carol is the classic story you hear at Christmas time. There are like a million movie adaptations of this book. It is that great. I try to read it every year, I think its just freaking awesome.

Harry Potter

This series has become a mayor part of my life ( I sound like such a nerd lol). I love this series and I know a lot of people love them as well. I seem to turned to these books all the time. I love them (I know I’m repeating myself lol)

A Tale of Two Cities

I feel like I’m finally gonna read this. I’m hopping actually. I’ve read the first pages like a hundred times. But I stay there, and then I go back for some reason. lol (I don’t know why).


There’s always time for FanGirl. I love this book so much. I don’t like the fanfiction that Cath writes, but her story is just super awesome. I’ve read and listened to FanGirl more than once and I always skip the fanfiction parts. But apart from that the its super awesome. The writing is perfect, the characters are super relatable and lovable. Its super.

I know that every time I make lists like this one I almost always pick the same books. But that’s how much I love them. I’ll try to vary from them next year. lol

Happy Holydays!

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