Nerve by Jeanne Ryan: Book Review


Nerve by Jeanne Ryan: Book Review

Oct 17, 2016, 1:32:37 AM Entertainment


By Jeanne Ryan


Book description:

So this high-schooler finds herself playing an online “sketchy” game in order to prove herself and escape the stereotypes’ of her generation. The game is about dares and you get money once you complete them. She ends up having to team up with a guy that will take her on the ride of her life. But when things go wrong she finds herself trap in a game where she will have to push herself out of her comfort zone in order to survive.

My review or book talk(whatever) lol:

                 This is a freaking awesome YA-thriller that shows you the dark side of fame and social media. I love the concept and the message. It’s really different from what I’m used to reading.  I really loved it. Is fast-paced and really easy to read.

Now, I have to admit that I had no idea about this book until I saw the movie trailer and was so excited that I started searching for the book like crazy.

Like every book it has its flaws.

The prologue and the romance. Although, I think the prologue is the effect of the ending but I’m not sure because it’s not done in a normal way, the book never goes back to it, so I don’t know. The dares are not as big and threatening as the movie trailer but I guess that’s what makes it more realistic and “safe” for teens.

The execution of this book was brilliant though. I was not expecting the ending to be as realistic as it was. It made you feel like this could actually happen. And based on the concept not the game I think it’s something that happens every day.

I won’t say more for spoiler-reasons but this book is a most read. Like every book-to-movie-adaptation, the movie does go really far on the executions although I trust that the concept that made me fall in love with this book is the same.

It doesn’t matter if you wait to see the movie first or want to read it before you see it, the important thing and what I encourage you to do is read the book. It’s really an eye opening for people that are obsess with fame and making their name big.

Read it! You’ll love it!!!!

Published by Cathy Maldonado

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