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Jeanne Ryan has lived all over the world, and was raised in a family with eleven brothers and sisters. She spent her early childhood in Hawaii and the rest of her growing-up years trying to get back there, with stops in South Korea, Michigan and Germany along the way. Before writing fiction she tried many things, including war game simulations and youth development research. These days she lives under the “moody skies” of the Pacific Northwest.

Jeanne Ryan is the author of Nerve and Charisma. The movie adaptation of Nerve comes out this weekend and I can’t wait to see it.

This is probably the most asked question (lol) When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer? Did you want to write when you were little?

The first time I decided to be a writer was in fifth grade. It was shortly after I realized I would never make it as a professional football player. (Because, scrawny, short, and not particularly good at football.) However, I didn’t follow up my writing dream with actual writing work until many years later.

Where do you get your inspirations to write? What motivates you?

I get story ideas from everywhere, mainly the news since I like to write about things that are just barely possible. At this point, I need to write. Too many days without writing makes me cranky, so motivation is rarely a problem.

How hard was it to publish your first book?

At the time, it seemed really difficult, but it’s probably average for what most writers go through. Once I decided to take my dream seriously and write regularly as well as study the craft of writing, it took eight years and five manuscripts before I was published.

What’s your writing process? Was the process to write Nerve different from the process to write Charisma?

My process is to write four or five hours a day during the school year. During the summer, I fit it in where I can unless I’m under deadline, in which case I maintain the same four or five-hour schedule. Writing Nerve was much different than writing Charisma because I wrote the whole book first before submitting it. Charisma was sold on proposal, which meant only fifty pages and a synopsis were complete at the time it went under contract, i.e., I had to get busy and draft like a fiend to meet my deadline.

What was the inspiration behind Nerve?

Three things primarily. 1) Watching my niece on her phone, and how she could maintain her real-world and virtual conversations simultaneously. 2) Seeing how much information people were sharing on Facebook, and 3) Noticing how contestants on reality shows were engaging in increasingly extreme behavior, to the delight of viewers.

At the end of Nerve, you left us wanting more. Is there going to be a sequel?

Ah, the question I hear most often. I wrote the book as a standalone, and was happy leaving it at that. (The slightly open ending is intended as a metaphor for the fact that once you put something online, you can never totally delete it.) Last year, however, I had a lightbulb moment of how the story could continue, and have been playing with that idea here and there. However, there’s nothing officially in the works.

What are you working on now?

Something completely different. However, I’m too early in the process to talk about it, since it could evolve into something totally different at any moment.

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To find out more about Jeanne Ryan go to www.jeanneryan.com

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