This Is Not About Drugs

This Is Not About Drugs


The Ohioan couple. Photo: NBCNews

This past weekend, a tragic news story broke about an Ohioan pilot and his wife dying. Not from a plane crash, but from a suspected heroin or fentanyl overdose. One of their four kids found them unresponsive on the floor.

But this is not about drugs.

This is about the fact that opioid addiction affects all ages, genders and social classes. From the poorest to the richest, it is wreaking havoc on this country and destroying families.

This is about more people dying from drug overdoses each year than from car crashes.

This is about the fact that 80 percent of heroin users become addicted to prescription drugs first then switch to heroin because it's cheaper and easier to get.

This is about realizing addiction is a disease, and the sooner society accepts this, the sooner we can combat the problem in the correct way. Throwing people in jail for addiction will not help. Treatment and prevention will.

This is about preventing deaths from overdoses with a naloxone kit.

This about people, and making sure they get the help they need so they don't become the next statistic or news headline. And ensuring peoples' mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, etc. don't become the next victim.

So no, this is not about drugs.

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