What's Your Inspiration?

What's Your Inspiration?

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Inspiration is defined as the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. It is the source of our power and drive to accomplish things, to make improvements, and to just keep going.

But what do we do if we seem to have lost this creative drive? If all of our ideas and passion drifts away, how will we ever be able to push on?

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The best thing about inspiration is that it can come from more than just one source. What inspires us to be creative and to be ourselves one day can completely change the next. It is up to us to find our inspiration and kindle it to a roaring fire.

The main purpose of the CCPE Project is to reduce and ultimately prevent the onset of substance abuse and HIV among 13-24 year olds in Monroe County. With this great task comes some long hours, hard work, and the continual need for creativity.

I took it upon myself to ask the rest of my team what inspires them to do the work that we do. Below are their answers as well as my own.


My coworkers are my inspiration. Working with people who are just as passionate as I am and knowing that we are making a difference every day, even if it seems small to someone else, makes me excited to come to work.”


“What inspires me to come to work and give 100% effort every day, is knowing that the work the CCPE team is accomplishing is life altering work. CCPE is the first prevention grant that Centerstone was ever awarded, and knowing that prevention work is so very much needed in my community, it encourages me to do my best every single day!“


“I am inspired by knowing the statistics surrounding the type of work that we do. For some this may be daunting but I see it as: If I can be a part of changing these numbers by just the smallest amount, that is enough drive to keep me going and I know that I have made a difference here.”

So there you have it.

As you can see, inspiration comes from many different things.

What drives one person may not be the same thing that drives the rest of the team.

Everyone’s unique contributions are what makes us great and allows us to succeed in what we hope to accomplish. Always remember to find your own inspiration and push on even when things get tough!

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