7 Key Tips for Choosing the Best TEFL Programs

7 Key Tips for Choosing the Best TEFL Programs

Aug 29, 2020, 5:33:53 PM Business

When you are looking for a good TEFL Program online, you will find all of the course provider very convenient and flexible, all the website will have almost the same module, all the courses will be very promising when it comes to finding job.

However, you need to decide which course is more suitable for you. Here are some tips that can help you to make a decision in selecting the right TEFL program.

#Tip no. 1

Length of the course -

The course duration is anytime between 100-120 hours, normally the course is completed in 10-12 weeks if you go with the standard pace. In case you choose to go with your own pace then it can go on for 6-7 months.

However, in case someone is offering a course with the lesser duration then this, you got to be alert, it could be a scam as well. For instance, there are institutes that offer capsule course and claim to finish the 120 hours course in a day, which is practically not possible. The whole purpose of this course gets defeated. 

#Tip no.2

The TEFL institutes Credibility -

It is important to know if the certificate provided to you by the TEFL institute is internationally recognized.

Accreditation -

There are accreditation bodies that undergoes the whole process of reviewing the institutes that provide TEFL certification. These bodies are independent third party that examines the institutes academic and professional standards.

TQUK, College of Teachers, and ACCET are some well-known TEFL/TESOL accrediting body. There are barely handful of organisation that are accredited by these bodies and are opened few years ago.

You must be aware of those institutes who have their own "accrediting body" and are actually not recognized by any government or by accrediting body. The certificates provided by these institutes are not globally accepted.

#Tip no.3

Course Instructor Qualification -

Someone who is teaching you English as a foreign language should have years of experience in teaching English, also they should have masters degree in TESOL or DELTA or a degree in Education or ESL endorsement. 

Be aware of courses taught by someone whose degree is not clearly spelled out. The University level instructor is much more qualified then a someone with 4-weeks of TEFL certificate and a year teaching abroad. 

One of the reason for cheap TEFL courses available in the market is because they are not taught by the professional instructor.

#Tip no. 4

Live Classroom

It is important that you get hands-on experience to practice in a live classroom.

You course should include 2 vital factors -

1) Gaining effective skills to be an effective teacher,

2) Potential employers around the world will recognize you only if practice/internship is included in your certification course.

Some institutes may say that their course incorporate teaching practice, however, their course will have role-play with other teachers in training. This is not part of the international standards and such course will not be recognized by the employers globally.

#Tip no. 5

Student Counselling

Investing your time and money to any particular course including TEFL is one of the important aspect but to understand the amount of time taken, going abroad are some of the critical issues. 

Someone who has been through this ways and is a professional teacher can guide you with the right amount of time taken in this whole process, money that will be invested, qualification required to get the right job or the desired job you are looking for. 

#Tip no. 6

Job placement

Before opting for the course you must first understand if the institute is going to offer you a free lifetime job search guidance.

Will this include a personal attention and service, from an experienced career advisors, who will guide you through all the matters related to finding jobs from writing resume with the cover letter which is of international standard.

Few questions that you must have answers of -

⦁ Are you working with a robots or a live person? Or will the institute just sent some back-links for couple of jobs abroad?

⦁ Do you have to pay extra for a job placement? Is your institute charging you for job search guidance and placement?

⦁ Is your institute offering you free life time job search guidance?

#Tip no. 7

Course Fees

Last but not the least, when looking for TEFL/TESOL courses, you must always keep the cost factor in mind, in case the course is costing you somewhere around Rs. 12000 - 15000, then just wait and think, can you earn Rs 150000 - 170000 a month by opting for this course. Will you get good quality job placement?

The typical TEFL/TESOL professional course will cost you around Rs. 1 lac to 1.5 lac depending on factors like, property cost, instructor they hire for you, etc.

Always remember, you get what you pay for. You must consider investing your time and money on education as the value of education will never diminish.

The end result will be depended on the kind of investment you've done, it should make you feel happy when you provide your students with a rewarding education experience and you should to able to gain job even during economical crisis. 

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