Things to be Happy about in Liife

Things to be Happy about in Liife

Jul 2, 2016, 11:04:16 PM Life and Styles

Hello everyone!!


Are you feeling upset? Or you may think that you might you have nothing to happy about. Honestly we all have those days but don’t worry today I will be talking about things that can make you happy or things to be happy about and put a smile on that face. Remember it’s also the small things in life that matter and we should be grateful. I originally posted this on my personal blog and I decided to share with all of you guys as well.


  • The most obvious reason why we should be happy. We are given this wonderful opportunity called life and we all should be very grateful for that. Most people might take it for granted but they don’t realize that we are blessed. So I think it’s one of the main reasons to be happy.


      2.Long Conversations with a loved one

  • To be honest it can be anyone, a friend or a family member or your partner (but that won’t be me because single AF). But jokes apart it can really help to lift my mood when I am upset or it can make me happy especially when I am talking to my nephew and my sisters or even my friends. And let’s be honest talking friends and family can be way better than any therapist ever existed in my opinion.


      3.Long walks alone

  • Sometimes all you need is to spend alone. It is definitely one of the most peaceful things to do. Living in such a chaotic world  filled with a lot of people and noises, spending time alone can really help to bring some happiness into your life. For example long walk in a park is sometimes all you need to be happy because it is very peaceful.


     4.New Start

  • Are you having a bad day? Maybe you might think that it’s the worst day of your life. But always remember that it is just one day of your life or only one moment. So each day is a new start to start all over with a positive attitude. And also remember that you don’t have to wait for the next day to have a better day, just don’t let the things that happened in the beginning of the day ruin the rest of your day.


   5.Loved ones

  • Another very important point that many of us might take for granted. The loved ones, again it can be your family or your friends. Just the thought of having people that I love and people who love me makes me very happy.


So that's it for now, these are more important things that we should be happy about  and  I would like to end this post by telling one id my favorite quotes from Lilly Singh about happiness. Let me know some other things to be happy about in life in the comment section below. I hope was able to make someone happy.

 Fighting for happiness is the only thing worth fighting for” – Lilly Singh

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