Trump vs the Freedom Caucus - a fight no one can win

Trump vs the Freedom Caucus - a fight no one can win

Apr 20, 2017, 12:11:37 AM Opinion

Have you ever watched a dog fight between two alpha male dogs squaring off over who leads the pack? If not, and you want to know what one’s like, the brouhaha between President Donald Trump and the members of the Republican House Freedom Caucus fits the bill perfectly.


The members of the far-right caucus put the brakes on Trump’s promise to junk Obamacare—not because they thought he was being too harsh, but because he was willing to compromise and keep certain portions of the, to them, hated legislation. Trump, as is his habit, came out of his corner punching, threatening to ‘primary’ the caucus members in the mid-term elections. Now, a lot of the GOP have a tendency to cave when the Donald makes his wild threats, but the members of the caucus are as determined in their misguided ideology as Trump is in love with his own image.


This is a fight that promises to have no winners, but the biggest losers will be the American voters, especially the voters who put these clowns in office.

Published by Charles Ray

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