5 Ways to Make Your Wedding Guests Feel Like Royalty: From the Photo Booth to the Feast

5 Ways to Make Your Wedding Guests Feel Like Royalty: From the Photo Booth to the Feast

Jan 8, 2020, 1:21:47 PM Life and Styles

Even though the wedding is indeed about you as a couple, it’s also polite and considerate to recognize the role of other people in your life and how their influence and support over the years helped the two of you become who you are today in order to be prepared for the big step of marriage. 

As these people will be present on your big day to witness your union, it would be an opportune time to show your thankfulness for the part they have played in your life to this point by putting forth the extra effort to consider their needs at the wedding and offer other little tokens of appreciation. Your friends, family, and other loved ones have provided you with so much support over the years, wouldn’t it be nice to make them feel appreciated?

With a little effort and ensure that all of your guests feel honored on this day. 

1. Offer White-Glove Service

If you want your guests to truly feel comfortable during your wedding, choose a venue that offers white-glove service. White glove service can make guests feel more comfortable and tended to at the wedding, rather than having to self-service throughout the event. Guests shouldn't have to fend for themselves when they're at a wedding. With white-gloved service, you'll know that everyone will be taken care of. The less your guests have to take care of, the more they can be present with you and others to celebrate. Here are a few ways to offer exceptional service:

  • Roaming Coat Check: Instead of a coat check desk that guests have to stop at to drop off their coat, you can have attendants roam about the banquet hall or event space asking guests ‘May I take your coat?,

  • Seat Escort Service: Guests can be individually escorted to their seat not only at the ceremony but at dinner as well.

  • Table Service: Many venues only employ”runners”, wait staff that only deliver food to the table at dinner time rather than tending to guests. However, you can choose a venue that employs servers who check on each table regularly during dinner instead of just serving them and disappearing.

2. Roll Out The Red Carpet

Many people have always dreamed of walking down the red carpet and now you can let them! A red carpet photo shoot service will make guests feel like celebrities. This exclusive service allows guests to literally walk the red carpet with traditional velvet stanchions and a professional photographer at the end of the aisle to shoot their portrait. Alternatively, the red carpet can be capped with a premium animated mirror photo booth that allows guests to customize their portrait style photo a bit more and see a preview of their photo beforehand.

If you do decide to have a red carpet at your wedding, you'll have a lot of different options. You may be able to set up a red carpet inside the main ballroom or you could have guests walk down the carpet as they head from the cocktail space to the reception hall. No matter what you decide to do, your guests will have the chance to feel like a Hollywood star. 

3. Serve Individually Plated Dinners

Buffets and food stations are an easy and affordable way to serve food at a wedding, but these options aren't always great for guests. It can be frustrating to have to wait in line to eat, and having to serve yourself doesn't make anyone feel special. 

Instead, try to give your guests a fine dining experience. Make sure that individually plated dinners are served at your wedding. Offer at least two options so that guests can choose what they want to eat. You should make sure you take dietary concerns into consideration as well. Thankfully, most venues will be able to accommodate guests that are vegan, vegetarian, or eat a gluten-free diet. 

You'd never go to a buffet restaurant for a special night out. Why make guests wait in the buffet line on your wedding day? Make sure your guests have the meal of their choosing brought straight to them. 

4. Create Personalized or Monogrammed Favors 

Instead of giving out wedding favors that will be stuffed in a drawer and forgotten about after the wedding, consider creating favors that have been personalized for each individual guest.  For instance, a monogrammed favor, not in the couple’s name but in the guest’s name, will be more likely to get used because people have a pride in their own names . A lot of couples will provide engraved or monogrammed gifts to their guests with the couple’s initials and wedding date, but it will feel much more thoughtful if the favor actually had the guest’s name or first/last initial instead. Here are a few customizable favor ideas:

  • Engraved refillable fancy pen

  • Personalized wine bottle opener

  • Embossed leather grooming kit

  • Embroidered device cord organizer

It doesn't make sense to spend money on favors your guests won’t fully appreciate. If you give everyone a beautiful, personalized item, they'll feel like you really considered them in your planning. There are so many thoughtful options for wedding favors. Start looking at monogrammed favors and find options that will work for your event. 

5. Take The Time To Visit Guests Individually 

Reception lines may be traditional, but they’re not enjoyable for guests. Instead of making your guests wait in line, consider coming to them. Even if you're having a large wedding, you could walk from table to table and take the time to visit with the guests at each table.

You could even incorporate this into the thank you speech. If there are a few guests at your wedding that have really gone above and beyond for you, you might want to walk to their table with microphone in hand and thank them publicly as part of your thank you speech to acknowledge their support.

While it’s a common practice to only send thank you cards to all your guests after your wedding is over, guests will feel even more appreciated if you go the extra mile for them at your actual wedding event as well. Whether it’s through one or all of these tips, guests will know you care when you show your gratitude on a more personal basis.


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