"Akshay Girme A High School Dropout Ruling Digital World"

"Akshay Girme A High School Dropout Ruling Digital World"

Jan 30, 2019, 6:06:48 AM News

"AD MEDIA PUNE" is a company that is contributing in the growth of Marathi Cinema these days. Its mostly helping the Marathi cinema and celebrities to maximise the reach digitally. The company started on 2nd October 2018, by "Akshay Girme" who is a Pune based Digital Marketer. Even though the company has been around for almost just a few months, it has made quite a name for itself in the Digital Marketing field.

The founder of the company Akshay Girme says that the regional Marathi movies don't get promoted properly in Maharashtra, Because of the lack of budget in Marathi Cinema. because of this the regional Marathi movies gets sideline and overshadowed by the big budget Hollywood and Bollywood movies. The Marathi movies seem to suffer and unable to catch the audience because of the lack of promotion, that hugely affects the business. Being a Marathi himself and for the love of his state and Marathi Cinema, Akshay decided to come forward and help to improve the condition and business of Marathi cinema through digital media.

Akshay approached the people associated with Marathi Cinema and started doing digital promotion of the Marathi movies over social media like Facebook, Instagram and other digital platforms such as blogs and other online portals all by himself. Today Akshay's company AD Media Pune manages many Marathi celebrities social media accounts and offers help of almost all kind of digital marketing services. AD Media is a very well known and trusted name in the field of digital media.

The interesting and inspiring fact is that the founder Akshay Girme has only studied till 10th std. and then he dropped out of high school. Despite not having a fancy college degree today Akshay is among the big professionals as he has experience of more than 7 years in the field of digital media marketing. He has never taken any education or course related to Digital Marketing and it doesn't affect him he says. He gained all of his knowledge by self-learning and by his experience.

Akshay Girme is in the digital marketing field since 2011 and he's been working professionally since so many years and has completed many projects of popular different brands. Whether it's Web Designing, Graphic Designing or Social Media marketing Akshay provides all kind of Digital Media services.

Akshay is also the founder of a popular online news portal name "Aayka Jara" which exposes the so-called fake actor, celebrities and politicians and reveals the truth. This news portal "aaykajara.in" have become so popular among the readers in a short period of time.

We highly Congratulate Akshay Girme for his success at this young age. Despite being dropped out of high school Akshay has made a name for himself and is an owner of a company. It is a very inspiring story for the young people to look at Akshay and get inspired and know that despite all the odds, u can still make it big. We hope for Akshay Girme to keep growing and motivating the youth.


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